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A Candid Conversation with Holistic OBGYN Nathan Riley

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The episode you’ve all been waiting for is here!! I got to interview board certified OBGYN Nathan Riley and this conversation was beyond eye opening. Most people would agree that modern Obstetrics could use a LOT of improvement and yet not many changes have happened to improve maternal care. It was incredible to get to have such a candid conversation with Nathan and essentially ask him ALL the questions many of us have wished we could ask an OBGYN. 


This episode is part of our #cyclicalbirthseries 


And as always with everything on my platform and podcast, this is educational and never to invoke shame. 


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In this episode we talk about:

  • Nathan’s story leaving the conventional model as a OBGYN
  • Is it physicians or insurance that more so dictate care?
  • Options with Group B Strep
  • Considerations if you choose to work with a OBGYN
  • Is the Hep B shot and Vitamin K shot necessary?
  • Is breaking the water a bad thing to encourage labor?
  • Benefits of delayed cord clamping
  • The sad truth around having to pay out of pocket for midwifery care
  • Is there really significant risk to being 42 weeks gestation?
  • Are doctors taught how to deliver breech babies?
  • And so much more

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Nathan Riley is a board certified OBGYN who left the conventional model to do more inspired work. He works with women from conception to menopause, providing natural means whenever possible to promote vitality and autonomy in health decision-making.

Connect with him:


Podcast: The Holistic OBGYN


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