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Gloves On is a podcast about goalkeeping and the overall aspect of being an athlete. We will talk with male and female pro goalkeepers, former pro's, goalkeeper coaches, sports psychologists, goalkeeper influencers, and athletes in general.

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    Talent Identification and Development | Eric Weghorst


    Eric Weghorst, Head of Goalkeeping Department at Al Nasr Club, joined us for today's episode of the Gloves On podcast presented by Eric went from the Netherlands to Al Nasr in Dubai. We talk about the transition and the differences. We then talk about the main topic, Talent Identification and Development. Enjoy!
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    Transition from European Football to Asian Football | Michael Falkesgaard


    Michael Falkesgaard, joined us for today's episode of the Gloves On podcast presented by Michael plays for Bangkok United and he shares his transition from Danish football to playing football in Thailand. We chat about the textbook goalkeeper (or if there is one?), decision making, and adapting to different situations. Lastly, we have a good chat about the future of Michael and of course, gloves. Enjoy!
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  • Gloves On podcast

    Reaction Saves | Sjoerd Woudenberg


    Sjoerd Woudenberg, Orlando Pirates goalkeeper coach, joined us for today's episode of the Gloves On podcast presented by We talk about whether to use hand or feet when making reaction saves. Furthermore, we talk about, the transition to going into a new country and coach, and the goalkeepers in South Africa compared to Europe. Enjoy! Topics covered: 00:15: Introduction 01:15: Sjoerd’s coaching career thus far 03:00: The transition to going into a new country and coaching 06:00: The goalkeepers in South Africa compared to Europe 08:00: Reaction with the hand/feet 14:30: Incorporating feet save 17:00: Decision making 20:30: Drills for decision making whether it’s a foot/hand save 23:30: Split block saves 27:00: Developing your split save 31:30: Favorite gloves and why 34:00: Closing remarks
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    Goalkeeping Experience | Kalle Johnsson


    Kalle Johnsson, FC Copenhagen goalkeeper, joined us for today's episode of the Gloves On podcast presented by We talk about his career and the step from Danish to French football, before going back to Danish football with a competitive environment at FCK. Furthermore, we chat about the pressure of playing on a good team, the highs and the lows of football, and of course about Kalle’s favorite gloves. Enjoy!
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    Philosophy in Goalkeeping | Sascha Marth


    Sascha Marth, First Team Goalkeeper Coach and Head of Goalkeeping at FC Groningen, joined us for today's episode of the Gloves On podcast presented by We talked about the philosophy of goalkeeping, the principles in the daily work, and the seven principles. Enjoy this week's goalkeeping chat!
  • Gloves On podcast

    Academy to First Team Goalkeeper | Mads Hermansen


    Mads Hermansen joined us for today's episode of the Gloves On podcast presented by Mads is the newly named first-team goalkeeper of Brøndby and the U21 Danish National Team. We talk about the start of his career, going from a small club to a big academy to then being the first-team goalkeeper at Brøndby. We talk about the love & the feeling for the position, the love of catching a ball and playing a good pass. Mads mentions his start of being the first team goalkeeper, how he was nervous and playing in the Copenhagen derby in front of 30.000 people. Enjoy this episode!
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    Season 2 Finale | Instagram Live


    This week's episode is the last of the Gloves On Podcast season 2. We went live on Instagram to talk about what went on in season 2 and then the what we have in store for the upcoming season 3. We, furthermore, asked our audience to come with questions and we answered them. Enjoy this last episode of season 2 and stay tuned for season 3. It is right around the corner!
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    Goalkeeping Advice | Richard Lee 2.0


    In this episode, we welcome back Richard Lee! We are having a chat about how he advises goalkeepers today, how he has used his own career to help current goalkeepers, how to recover mistakes, Ben Foster, and much more. A brilliant episode that we hope you will enjoy!
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    The Goalkeeping Mindset | Noel Flannery


    Noel Flannery, mind, performance, and elite sport coach joined us for this week’s episode of the Gloves On podcast. Noel has a background within race driving. He is a former British Champion and has managed race car teams to British, European, American, and World Championship titles! Noel found a passion in goalkeeping while working for a short period of time on a volunteer basis with the english league club, Hartlepool United, as he wanted to see what football was like. “It was brilliant. I loved it! Especially the goalkeeping side of it.” Therefore, we invited Noel on for a chat about The Goalkeeping Mindset. Enjoy!
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    Approaching African Goalkeeping in a more Modern Way | Lee Baxter


    Lee Baxter, Goalkeeper Coach at Kaizer Chiefs FC and the South African National Team joined us for this week's episode of the Gloves On podcast. The main discussion is Lee's knowledge regarding Approaching African Goalkeeping in a more Modern Way. We, furthermore, talk about the demands on a goalkeeper coach at the top level, how important it is to master the basics, how the preparations for goalkeeper training sessions has developed over the years, and of course we end up talking about goalkeeper gloves! 

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