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Our Voices in the Bedroom, Boardroom, and Beyond feat. Lake Bell

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This week’s episode is about something near and dear to our hearts, careers, and dating lives: Voices. We are joined by actress/screenwriter/voiceover icon Lake Bell to speak on all things voices – why our voice sounds different in our head vs. listening back, regional accents and stigmas, what our voices say about us, why we’re attracted to certain voices, and changing your voice to be more appealing/get something you want/be taken more seriously. And we’re discussing the Sexy Baby voice – what it is, how it became a thing, who’s known for it, and our feelings on it. Before Lake joins us, we’re recapping our latest travels, sharing the most fun thing we’ve ever done at a wedding, and popping off about drag show bans. Enjoy!

Follow Lake on Instagram @lakebell and check out her audiobook Inside Voice: My Obsession with How We Sound.

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