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How to Live Your Rich Life and Talk About Money in Relationships with Ramit Sethi

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Let’s talk about money, honey! We have Ramit Sethi, best-selling author and star of the hit Netflix show How to Get Rich, back for another game-changing interview. He’s breaking down renting vs. buying a home (and debunking myths and misconceptions), the four numbers you need to know when it comes to your spending, how to know if you can afford something, and most importantly – figuring out what your rich life is and how to achieve it. Plus, we’re discussing why couples don’t talk to each other about money, and how to talk to your partner about it in various scenarios (you have debt, they have debt, you make more, splitting expenses, etc.). Before Ramit joins us, we’re talking about the theory of which body part you wash first says something about you, and thoughts about going off birth control. Enjoy!

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