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Does Your Vag Hurt? with Pelvic Pain Specialist Dr. Sonia Bahlani

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It’s our highly anticipated pelvic pain episode and we are so happy to be joined by Dr. Sonia Bahlani to discuss the topic. We talk about causes and conditions of pelvic pain, what’s physical vs. mental, and when to seek medical attention. And we deep dive into the sexual aspect of it (why penetrative sex hurts, difficulty orgasming, best positions, lube, exercises, etc.) and answer burning questions like “Are tight pussies really a thing?” and “Are kegels necessary?” Before Sonia joins us, we’re talking about shower habits/debates (again), sharing a ridiculous moment from a recent road trip, and answering the question “How many rebound hookups is too many?” Enjoy!

For Sonia on Instagram @pelvicpaindoc and visit her website.

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