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A Candid Conversation About STIs and Sexual Assault with Hanna Dickinson

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*Trigger warning for sexual assault*
We are joined by comedian Hanna Dickinson for an open, honest conversation about STIs, sexual assault, addiction to prescription drugs, and more. She shares her story of contracting herpes, how she discloses it when dating, and why it’s actually a positive when it comes to finding a partner. Hanna also shares her story of being sexually assaulted by a rideshare driver and how she has been coping with the trauma. We also discuss body positivity and the pressure/desire to lose weight, Adderall addiction, and (on a lighter note) Hanna’s exclusive interview with Ariana Madix. Before Hanna joins us, we’re chatting about being a great host vs. a person who doesn’t like to host, Ashley’s journey getting off the pill, and Rayna’s high-pressure driving test. 

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