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For over 20 years, American born teacher and author Gangaji has reached thousands around with world with the words of her teacher, H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) to “call off the search” and to inquire into the truth of who you really are. Now, in her first radio show, Gangaji and host Hillary Larson take a look at the issues we face in our everyday lives, one topic at time. Every month, for thirty minutes Gangaji will be addressing subjects like addiction, chronic pain, intimacy, anxiety, depression, enlightenment, death and many more. Join us as Gangaji helps us find freedom in the face of what we experience in our daily lives.

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  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

    # 39 Being Yourself | A Prayer for Peace


    “Maybe grace, deliverance comes to get you.  Knocks on your door and says, ‘You have a chance to be at peace.’  In your willingness to take that chance, to accept that invitation to be at peace, then you have an opportunity to share this peace, everywhere.” Living our daily lives, we may find ourselves actually attracted to war. We can also be fed up with that attraction.  We can recognize that there is no need to postpone peace in our own minds. In this podcast, Gangaji speaks about the roots of war and the opportunity of being at peace for ourselves and the world.
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    #38 Being Yourself | Is Understanding Enough?


    The human desire for understanding is powerful. We naturally want to understand where we fit in or how best to fix a problem. Understanding satisfies particular needs in our daily life, but on the spiritual path, is understanding enough? Gangaji addresses the crucial difference between realization and understanding that transforms our life experience.  
  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

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  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

    #37 Being Yourself | The Power of Illusion. The Illusion of Power


    When we are willing to set aside our beliefs, our thoughts, our powers of mind for an instant, the peace we long for and search for, is immediately revealed. In this lively exchange, Gangaji speaks to the experience of “losing our peace” because some thing has changed, and where finally it is always found. “You live your life in Truth, you live your life knowing that even though ‘my breath changes, and my feelings change, and my body changes,’ this Peace does not change. It is here, always.” 
  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

    #36 Being Yourself | Entering This Space of Stillness


    Perhaps your search for peace and happiness has taken you down many different roads. It may be rooted in a desire for security, spiritual attainments,  personal power, or even just an end to feeling afraid. In this monologue, Gangaji shares how it is possible to discover the limitless peace of being that is not subject to our ideas, definitions, or circumstances. “What this appearance in your consciousness is about, first of all and finally, is to invite you to this space of stillness that is your heart, now.“  
  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

    # 35 Being Yourself | Cutting Our Addiction to Thought


    Many spiritual seekers hope to realize a “quiet mind” What is actually possible given the stream of thoughts that go through our minds every day? In this month’s podcast, Gangaji speaks to the life-changing opportunity to “overhear your stories” and stop following any thought no matter how elevated or mundane the thought is. BONUS: Gangaji reads a powerful report  from a prisoner who is participating in her Freedom Inside course by mail, and has a brief conversation about working with prisoners.
  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

    Being Yourself | June Podcast Extra |What Blocks Your Fulfillment?


    Take a moment to join Gangaji for a short, but revealing inquiry: "What blocks your fulfillment?" 
  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

    #34 Being Yourself | The End of Ignorance is the Gold of Self-Realization


    “To be true to the eternal truth of yourself is to ignore nothing.”  Our spiritual discovery of the absolute truth of one’s being can be turned into a hiding place, where we ignore harsh realities and deny the cruelest aspects of our shared humanity. Ignorance is not “bliss.” Rather, it is the root of all suffering. In this powerful monologue delivered in 1999, Gangaji shares that the end of ignorance and our willingness to be all is the “gold of self-realization.” 
  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

    #33 Being Yourself | Helplessly Human


    “The more you are willing to face the helplessness of being human, the more being human is not the problem.” When we step onto the spiritual path, often we hope to transcend our fears. Our fear of death and loss can drive a lack of compassion and perpetuate our unnecessary suffering. Gangaji encourages us to meet our fear, not avoid it. In a moment of giving up control and simply being undeniably flawed, mortal, and very human, we can rest in the peace of who we are.
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    #32 Being Yourself | Sacred Hunger


    The sacred hunger for truth, for God, for love, for peace, for freedom is the force calling us home. This deep longing doesn’t leave us alone. It persists even with a lifetime of disillusionments or “unfulfilled promises.” No matter what spiritual path we have taken or not taken, Gangaji offers all this encouragement: “Let this hunger for Truth have you. It is a glorious feast, and it is time to stop circling the table. You have a place at this feast.”  
  • Gangaji Podcasts podcast

    #31 Being Yourself | Letting Go of Control


    At its root the desire for control is an infantile thought: “What I want is what I should have.” We do have a limited capacity to control many things within our life circumstances, our relationships, or our emotions. But when we try to control what cannot be controlled, we suffer and cause others to suffer. On this podcast, Gangaji speaks to what that moment of letting go of control really is and what it reveals. She shares it “is the opportunity to realize what doesn't need to be controlled to be free, to be happy, to recognize itself.”

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