Game of Thrones: Season 8 Redux podcast

Episode 1: A Different Country

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Written and Produced by Call Huitson

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Narrator…..Christopher Kendrick

Daenerys Targaryen…..Nikki Swift

Jon Snow…..Fred Lavin-Crossley

Sansa Stark…..Hannah Dormor

Arya Stark…..Tess Robinson

Bran Stark…..Juniper Berry

Tyrion Lannister…..Pazy Iqbal

Cersei Lannister…..Jeni Williams

Euron Greyjoy…..Peter Adams

Theon Greyjoy…..Matt Barrett

Yara Greyjoy…..Kate Hargrave

Samwell Tarly…..Hayden Manuel

Jorah Mormont…..Fred Lavin-Crossley

Varys…..Fed Lavin-Crossley

Davos Seaworth…..Roger Clifford

Gendry…..Jonathan Dredge

Missandei…..Amy-May Trudgeon

Grey Worm…..Michael Semler

Brienne of Tarth…..Nicole Zivolic

Beric Dondarrion…..Ian Archdeacon

Tormund Giantsbane…..Matt Barrett

Gilly…..Eilidh Moir

Disclaimer…..Dea Elizabeth


“The Perfect Motive” by Daniel Willett

“Really Fact Action Drums” by Psystein

“Epic Journey” by Valentina Gribanova

“Gothic Action Fight Alt Mix” by Bobby Cole

“Icarus Flight” by Valentina Gribanova

Artwork by Oleg Seleznev aka “Celezart”


Game of Thrones: Season 8 Redux is entirely a work of fanfiction. It is unofficial, unaffiliated, and unauthorised. Neither the podcast nor any individual involved in its production is now, nor has ever been, in any way associated with HBO, Game of Thrones, George RR Martin, or the Song of Ice and Fire book series. The makers have explained this fact clearly and unambiguously to everyone involved, at every stage of production, and have never presented themselves or the podcast to the contrary, either explicitly or via inference or allusion. The podcast was, is now, and shall always be, entirely without profit. Neither the podcast directly, nor its makers indirectly, generate or receive any form of revenue or financial restitution that might otherwise accrue to the rightful copyright holders.

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