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    Ep. 22 — Razen: Humanistic and Alien Sounds


    Razen is a Belgian improvisational group that creates music informed by early music, the unique acoustics of sacred spaces and a deep sense of ritual and connection. The group's core members, Brecht Ameel and Kim Delcour, have been involved in this project for more than ten years and they join us here for an interview about their creative process, the importance of acoustics and how they incorporate the pipe organ's complex historical context into their sound. Listen to the full album Ayîk Adhîsta, Adhîsta Ayîk here!
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    Ep. 21 — Amina Claudine Myers: In Music


    Amina Claudine Myers is an, Organist, Pianst, Vocalist, Composer, Master Improvisationalist, Actress and Educator. She joins us here for an interview about her incredible life as a musician, and her yet-to-be-released Improvisational Suite, featuring the pipe organ. Amina's music gives us a glimpse into what’s possible when a pipe organ is wielded by someone with a wide range of influences, and an unbridled, wild creativity.
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    Ep. 20 — Roger Sayer: The Interstellar Organist


    Roger Sayer never anticipated that his organ playing would be heard by millions as part of the soundtrack to a blockbuster sci-fi film, but that's exactly what happened after composer Hans Zimmer decided to record the epic score to 2014's Interstellar on the organ at London's Temple Church. Sayer is the organist and Director of Music at Temple Church, and he joins us here for an interview about how he became an organist, what it was like to record for a blockbuster film score and why the organ is the perfect instrument for a film about time, love and outer space.
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    Ep. 19 — Casavant Frères: Canadian Organ Builders Series Pt. 1


    Welcome to the second season of FutureStops! We’re very excited to be back bringing you more of the sounds and stories of the 21st century organ experience. This season begins with the first in a series of episodes exploring the rich history of organ building in Canada. Our first stop is at the legendary house of Casavant in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, where we spoke to Dany Wiseman, Sébastien Kardos and Simon Couture about their experiences in the complex and fascinating world of organ building.
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    Ep. 18 — Charlemagne Palestine: Gesamtkunstwerk for Organ


    Born in Brooklyn in 1947, Charlemagne Palestine is a multidisciplinary artist who has been exploring the sonic potential of the pipe organ since the 1970s. Join us as host Blake Hargreaves speaks with Charlemagne about his fascinating life and career. Special thanks to Nathan Cook at Close-Far Records for providing music from a very rare early recording of Charlemagne for this episode!
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    Ep. 17 — Orgelpark


    Orgelpark is an organ-centric performance space and research lab in Amsterdam that is home to 6 (!) permanently installed pipe organs. Join us for our conversation with with Orgelpark's Artistic Assistant Trevor Grahl and composer Eric de Clercq to learn more about the past, present and future of this performance space and what makes it so unique.
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    Ep. 16 — Kali Malone: The Moment of Listening


    Kali Malone is an American composer and organist based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Join us as Kali speaks with host Blake Hargreaves about her practice as a composer and musician interested in minimalist structure and different tuning systems. Plus, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO0Sbp8igjY to watch a video of Kali performing some of her latest compositions live at Festival Variations with Macadam Ensemble and Stephen O'Malley.
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    Ep. 15 — Organ Festivals


    Music festivals around the world have had to adapt to new limitations during the COVID pandemic, such as travel restrictions and bans on gatherings. Join us as we survey the organ festival landscape, checking in on 4 different festivals to see how they’re adapting. Our guests are: Ed McCall, CEO of the Organ Historical Society in the US; Br. Riccardo Ceriani, General Manager & Superintendent of The Custody of the Holy Land in the Middle East; Sir Andrew Parmley, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Organists in the UK; and Angela Hewitt, Honorary Patron of the Royal Canadian College of Organists in Canada.
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    Ep. 14 — Rachel Mahon: Organist, Music Director, Comedian


    Rachel Mahon is an internationally touring solo artist, the Director of Music at Coventry Cathedral in the UK, and one half of the comedy duo, Organized Crime. Join us for a conversation with Rachel about the path that lead her to one of the top jobs in the UK, the historic Canadian connections to Coventry Cathedral and how she and Sarah Svendsen turned their antics as students into the Organized Crime duo.
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    Ep. 13 — Organ+ with Adrian Foster, George Rahi & Hans-Peter Lindstrom


    Welcome to the second installment of Organ+, a segment of the podcast where we take a look at multiple, unique pipe organ projects and their creators. In this episode, Blake speaks with Canadian composer Adrian Foster, Canadian sound artist George Rahi and Norwegian DJ and producer Hans-Peter Lindstrom about some of their distinctive, individual projects.

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