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Founders52 Ep19 | Victor Maina, Founder & CEO of Duqha

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Join us, on the Founders52 Series, this week as we chat with Victor Mania, the driving force behind Duqha

Duqha is a B2B retail-tech platform that empowers informal merchants across Africa to effortlessly source inventory, manage payments digitally, enjoy convenient deliveries, and access short-term financing.

Launched in January 2021 in Nairobi, Duqha is on a mission to revolutionise how manufacturers address logistics challenges, enhance inventory movement, and boost brand performance in both formal and informal retail.

With over 77,570 successful deliveries, 11,791 registered retailers, and 48 manufacturers on board, Duqha is making waves in the B2B retail space.

But what makes this episode truly fascinating is Victor's incredible journey. With more than 15 years in logistics and extensive experience as Head of Sales for East & Southern Africa at DHL Express, Victor is a seasoned executive. He later joined Sendy as the Chief Commercial Officer, playing a pivotal role in growth and expansion.

Tune in to hear how Victor transitioned from a corporate executive to a tech entrepreneur and gain valuable insights if you're considering a similar leap into entrepreneurship. This episode is a must-listen, especially if you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking for that extra edge.

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