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Founders52 Ep025 with Paul Breloff, Co-Founder & CEO of Shortlist Professionals

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 Africa's population is booming, set to surpass India and China by 2050, reaching 2.4 billion. With over 60% of Africans under 30, the continent holds immense potential for today's job market driven by innovation.
📉 Yet, Africa grapples with unemployment rates ranging from 17% to 35%. Finding the right talent remains a challenge for recruiters amidst a rapidly changing work environment and technological advancements.
💼 Shortlist steps in as a game-changer! Co-founded by Paul Breloff, Shortlistis revolutionizing hiring by matching top talent with the right organizations, empowering African youth to thrive in the job market.

🚀 Listen to our chat with Paul, as we explore Africa's talent landscape and uncover how Shortlist is paving the way for job-ready youth.

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