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Welcome to the For The Girl Podcast… the podcast designed for you. Join Mac & Kenz, as they cover all the hard topics for real life girls trying to love Jesus. Get ready for encouragement, truth, and let’s be real, a little bit of a hot mess. Is it just me or are Mac Kenz your new best friends? Let’s get into the episode!

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  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who Wants a Healthy Relationship


    In today’s HIGHLY requested episode, we talk relationships, specifically what it looks like to have a healthy relationship. We touch on some hot topics on praying with your significant other, purity, and all the things on how to pursue a Christ-centered relationship.
  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who Wants To Be an Everyday Evangelist


    As Christians, we are all called to share the gospel with the world around us...we are all called to be evangelists in some way! But what exactly does that look like? In today’s episode, we encourage you in practical ways to practice evangelism in your own life, how to talk about Jesus with people we encounter, and how to be bold with conversations.
  • For the Girl podcast

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  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who Is Trying to Decide Whether or Not to Party


    To party or not to party? Today, we jump into how it is still possible to have an amazing college experience without partying, and how to find like-minded friendships and community outside of the party scene. 
  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who Can't Get Over Someone


    This is REAL!!! We all have probably experienced the dreaded lingering feelings and can't quite seem to get over someone no matter what we do. Join us for this Episode with one of our favorite people, Kait Warman, as we dive into this topic! Get ready for so much truth and so many tangible takeaways from this episode!
  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who Feels Called To Ministry


    In today’s episode, we talk to the girl who feels like the Lord is nudging her towards exploring ministry for the first time. This is a topic that is so personal to us. We deep dive into what ministry looks like and how to follow Jesus’ example of leadership in responding to this call. 
  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who Has Friend Drama


    So many of us struggle with friend drama in our lives. Even best friends go through this sometimes! Today we share tips on how to overcome friendship drama and evaluate which friendships to restore and which to let go.
  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who Has A Lot On Her Plate


    Feeling busy, overloaded, stressed out? This one’s for you! Today we kick off Season 10 discussing how to find rest and balance in the midst of busyness. 
  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who is Feeling Lost


    Walk with us through Psalm 139 as we discuss this concept of feeling lost, even though you know you are found! This is a real struggle for women of God and we want to talk about it!! In the Lord’s presence we find abundant joy and peace and we can truly feel FOUND! Let’s get rid of all the junk that blocks our view of Jesus and see Him more clearly!
  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who Feels Awkward at Worship Nights


    Have you ever felt out of place or super uncomfortable during a worship event? What even is true worship? Why do we do it? Should my worship look like everyone else’s worship? If these are questions you have asked yourself, stay tuned because we are going in on what the WORD describes true worship as!!
  • For the Girl podcast

    For The Girl Who is Upset With God


    In this episode, we are chatting all about what it looks like when you are upset with God, and what to do with those feelings when they come up. Things in this world often make us feel like God is against us, when in reality, He is waiting for us to cry out to him. Join us as we explore this topic and dive into Psalm 77!

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