Figuring Sh!t Out podcast

Figuring Sh!t Out

Vanessa Fontana

We are all crocheted together in our individual connection, finding the strength to navigate the highs & lows of life -- on our endless journey of Figuring Sh!t Out.

Only to realize, time & time again --

It was never the point at all.

Figuring Sh!t Out is an undertaking of self-help, coming of age, and finding & healing yourself. 

To those seeking healing, purpose, and a higher truth -- this Podcast is a mission to awaken to the preciousness of life, honor your own individual evolution, and to discover how connected we all are in the not-knowing. 

Hosted by Vanessa Fontana in her New York City bedroom, FSO was born in the throws of a deeply personal coming of age and self-discovery journey.

This podcast is a guide to help you enjoy and surrender to the unfolding process of discovering yourself.

New Episodes Every Sunday.

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