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Always been curious about mythologies, fictions or mysteries that the world contains from the very beginning of the universe? based on different cultures around the globe. Get to know more about Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Japanese folklore, Slavic fiction and Aztec of various cultures with Afro Emperor. Be part of this fun Journey that's going to be really enjoyable. Let's all listen to the stories that have been passed down for generations.

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    Oshun - Orisha of Fertility, wealth, love, beauty and sexuality


    Oshun is the orisha of fertility, love, beauty, wealth and sexuality in the Yoruba pantheon of deities. Although being the youngest orisha of the pantheon, she is nonetheless one of the most worshipped orisha in Yoruba religion. 
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    The Terrible Curse Of Macha & The Debility Of The Ulstermen | Irish Mythology Explained


    As the goddess of the land and sovereignty, Macha once punished the men of Ulster, or more precisely she issued a curse upon them. Based on some ancient tales from Ireland, the terrible curse of Macha was what led to the debility of the Ulstermen in the years that ensued. In the traits of a human, the Irish goddess Macha came down to earth to live with a man named Cruinniuc, who later boasted about her to the king Connor. To make right of her husband's silly boast, Macha was forced to race against horses while being pregnant with twins to save her husband's life, which she won in the agony of labor pains. For failing to use their strength to protect her against it, the goddess Macha cursed the warriors of Ulster for nine times and nine generations that their strength will be useless to them in their time of greatest need, when danger would threat the survival of  the province of Ulster, men of Ulster would suffer the pains of childbirth and would last for four nights and five days. Background Music by Myuu.
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  • Fiction & Mythology - Afro Emperor podcast

    Cú Chulainn - Tales Of The Legendary Hound Of Ulster


    Born Setanta, he earned his most popular name after he accidentally killed the hound of a smith. On that night, the young Setanta became to be known as Cu Chulainn, meaning The hound of Culann, a title that point out to what would be his task for the rest of his life, the protection of Ulster.
  • Fiction & Mythology - Afro Emperor podcast

    The Fomorians - the supernatural race of Giants from Irish Mythology


    The Fomorians were a supernatural race from Irish mythology believed to have emerged from under the sea/earth to invade Ireland. They always had a presence in the Background of the myth, preying upon settlers of Ireland until being defeated by the Tuatha De Danann in the second battle of Mag Tuired.
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    Hathor - Egyptian Goddess Of Love, Beauty, Drunkenness And Sexuality | Egyptian Mythology


    Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, celebrations, drunkenness and sexuality. Also known as the cow goddess, Hathor was a primordial Egyptian goddess who played a variety of roles. Hathor, the cow goddess was often depicted as a beautiful woman with the head of a cow wearing a sun or solar disc over her head surrounded by the horns of a cow. The cow goddess was associated in early myths to the lion goddess Sekhmet as mentioned in the story of the Legend of the Eye of Ra, in which she was sent to punish humanity, while in later she is associated with the goddess Isis who took over her characteristics and later became the most important goddess in Egypt.
  • Fiction & Mythology - Afro Emperor podcast

    Sobek - The Crocodile God Of The Nile - Egyptian Mythology Explained


    Sobek, the crocodile god of the Nile river was a prominent figure in the history of ancient Egypt. The Egyptian god Sobek is most often depicted as a man with the head of a crocodile, wearing the symbolic crown of Amun. The god Sobek has been known in Egyptian mythology as to been the creator of the river Nile, by unleashing godly amount of his sweat onto the desert of Egypt. Sobek is the son of the archetypal goddess of war called Neith, in he was believed to have rose from the primordial dark waters of creation.  Sobek is often associated in Egyptian myth with chaos, but also played a role in establishing divine order in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian highly revered and feared Sobek because of the imagery of crocodile related to him. Some people believed that he was the son of Seth, the god of chaos, his wives were the goddesses Renenutet and Hathor, who never bore him any offspring.
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    Eshu - The Trickster Orisha Of The Yoruba Mythology


    Eshu, the trickster orisha (Yoruba gods) of the Yoruba people of Western Africa, is the mischievous divinity well-known in Yoruba mythology as to be the messenger of the gods, and a mediator between opposites. The orisha also goes by the names Eleggua, Elegua, Exu in the Candomble in Brazil
  • Fiction & Mythology - Afro Emperor podcast

    Eros - God Of Love & The Full Story Of Eros And Psyche | Greek Mythology Explained


    The story of Eros and Psyche is perhaps the most popular Greek tale of love. This story is also known as the story of Cupid and Psyche, with Cupid the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Eros. This mythology revolves around the love of the Greek god Eros, and the beautiful Psyche.
  • Fiction & Mythology - Afro Emperor podcast

    Shiva The God of Destruction - Absolute Stillness & Movement | Hindu Religion Explained


    Lord Shiva, the destroyer is worshiped through many guises of his divine supremacy.  As the Yogi ascetic, the god Shiva is the omniscient guru & yogi, he is the great Adiyogi who is the origin of Yoga and meditation. In this guise Shiva restrains himself against the pleasure of the flesh, and finds a way to happiness through meditation and Yoga. As Nataraja, Shiva performs the exuberant dance of creation, while the Shiva lingam is the form in which Shiva is represented.  The Indian god Shiva is highly worship by Indians, and has many temples dedicated to him through the country and even beyond.
  • Fiction & Mythology - Afro Emperor podcast

    Anansi - The Trickster Spider Of The Ashanti (Kwaku Ananse) | West African Mythology


    Anansi is highly regarded by the Ashanti people that they put a generic name Anansasem, or spider stories to this particular class of tales regarding the trickster spider and god Anansi. The folktales of Anansi grew really popular in West African, and because of the transatlantic slave trade, the spider stories and myths would eventually spread to the united states, where the spider trickster Anansi would be popularized among slaves in the Caribbean and Jamaica.

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