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S06:30: Preferential Treatment by Heather Guerre & Alpha Submissive Romance

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We’re finally diving into alpha submissive romance novels during this deep dive of Heather Guerre’s Preferential Treatment, one of Sarah’s best books of 2022. We’re talking about the way some romances do such immense work today—this one really digging into something that romance usually steers clear of…money. We know money and power are inexorably intertwined, but what does that really mean when relationships are budding, and when sex is on the line? How do power dynamics shift and move, how does money impact our ability to be honest in a relationship, and most importantly, should billionaires exist? All that and we finally get to the bottom of the Alpha submissive kink, why Sarah thinks it’s great, and why it just doesn’t move Jen.

Oh, and for those of you who’ve been asking for years, Sarah’s doing a mini interstitial in here about books that feature alpha submissives — enjoy!

Read Preferential Treatment at Amazon, or with your monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

Show Notes

Preferential Treatment was on our Best of 2022 list.

Preferential treatment is a word used to describe unfair labor practices.

Here are some of the most common financial problems in relationships and marriages.

Mackenzie Scott’s strategy for getting rid of money through her foundation, Yield Giving.

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