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S06.26: Himbos in Romance: The Chris Hemsworth Prototype

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Sometimes you just have to get to the bottom of something, and that’s what we’re here for. Today, we’re taking an unexpected, unexpectedly thorough at what might be one of the rarest and most maligned heroes in Romancelandia—the Himbo. He’s darling, he’s sweet, and he’s made of nothing but love and abs. Journey with us as we consider the place of these lovable dummies in the pantheon of this great genre of ours.

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Our next read along is Heather Guerre’s Preferential Treatment, one of Sarah’s favorite romances of 2022. Get it at Amazon, or with your monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

Show Notes

If you like Matthew Macfadyen in Pride and Prejudice, perhaps you will also like him on Ripper Street.

Coming to Fated Mates Live this month? Go see a musical or a dance performance or eat some pizza when you’re in New York.

Apparently, we’re all talking about himbos, and because of Ken, apparently 2023 was the year of the himbo.

A truly excellent himbo: Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters.

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