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S06.23: Casinos, Gaming Hells, and Clubs in Romance Novels

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We’re talking about gaming hells! Is it residual Derek Craven love? Probably. Why does Sarah love a casino so much? Why are we so into ladies being wagered by the idiot men in their lives? What makes these places that are so not sexy in real 2024 life so incredibly hot in a) James Bond movies, b) heist movies, and c) historical romances? We’re getting to the bottom of it—or at least, we’re going to talk about books we love. That’s the Fated Mates promise.

We’re betting you’re going to love this one! (see what we did there?)

We also talk about Fated Mates Live! Join us in Brooklyn, NY, at the gorgeous William Vale Hotel, on March 23rd, along with a collection of special guests and a roomful of other romance-obsessed listeners for a night of romance shenanigans at a live taping of Fated Mates! While we’re never sure quite how it’s going to go, we can guarantee there will be books, booze and bantr…and you’ll leave full of joy from all the fun. We’ve even got The Ripped Bodice on hand to sell books, and the room will be available for hanging with other Firebirds after the live! Tickets and info are at fatedmates.net/live.

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Our next read along is Heather Guerre’s Preferential Treatment, one of Sarah’s favorite romances of 2022. Get it at Amazon, or with your monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

Show Notes

Get Fated Mates Live tickets for March 23, 2024 in Brooklyn.

We think that waking up married is different than casinos.

Derek Craven is of course our favorite casino-owner, but Sarah wrote a pretty famous casino series, too.

In modern times, casinos are owned by giant conglomerates and they are definitely making a ton of money, Especially this past weekend since the Superbowl was in Vegas.

The Taylor Swift Effect is real.

Have we mentioned that there are lots of movies about casinos out there in the world.

“Fuck me gently with a chainsaw” is a reference to Heathers, not a dark romance.

An explainer about fantasy sports and where they are legal.

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