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63: Knowing What To Program To Improve Your Game and Increase The Length Of Your Backswing

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In this weeks episode I talk about programming and length of backswing. Here's a few key points you can takeaway from tuning in...

  • The fundamentals of structuring a workout for golf, the role of sets, reps, and weights.
  • Why different goals (e.g., strength, endurance, power) require different approaches to sets and reps.
  • General recommendations for beginners versus more advanced golfers, with examples of exercises and how to adjust the variables for specific needs.
  • The anatomy and mechanics of the golf swing, particularly focusing on what limits backswing length (flexibility, strength, etc.).
  • Specific exercises targeting flexibility, core strength, and shoulder mobility to help increase backswing length.
  • A simple way you can assess which area of the body is limiting your backswing

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