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56: 3 Questions Answered From My Instagram Poll

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This past week I asked my Instagram audience what they struggled with the most in their training and these are 3 questions I pulled out randomly to answer:

1. What exercises that would improve my golf swing and help me get more speed/power and of course would make my body last over time?  

2. What should the routines, sets, frequency, exact weights etc. Unsure of how many, how much etc.

3. I’m an ex rugby player so did have some good muscle mass. Admittedly the last 12 months I’ve not really hit the gym as finding times with playing as much golf as I can and also after having my tpi screening I’ve been working more on my mobility as I was very stiff due to my gym training which was more body builder/rugby type of training. I’m 6ft 5 and 17 and half stone so still do have some muscle mass. I’m currently playing off 9 handicap too. I have been thinking of getting back to the gym but with a different outlook to more golf specific exercises/strength training

I'd love to know what questions you have? If you send them to [email protected] or direct message me on Instagram: @shaun.diachkoff

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