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54: Thoracic Mobility, Swing Speed Training and the Top 5 Golf Exercises

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This week I answer 3 questions posed during screenings with golfers and topics which I feel would benefit the broader Golf Fitness audience!

Thoracic mobility and how working on better flexion and extension can equal better rotation.

How work int he gym transfers to faster swing speeds on the golf course. The 3 reasons it works!

Creating you own golf fitness program using these 5 simple movement patterns in each of your sessions.

I'd love to know what questions you have? If you send them to [email protected] or direct message me on Instagram: @shaun.diachkoff

If you're looking to improve your game by upgrading the way your body moves a reminder that Fairway Performance has it's own app! With programs to suit those just starting their golf fitness journeys up to those who have been training for years.

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