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  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 318 - FREE mindset coaching


    We know that dieting success is more about human behaviour than it is about macros splits or calorie targets. Most people know what to do but don't action it.. This episode will help. PLUS: FREE mindset coaching, FREE journal prompts & Some changes we have made to the commit to 6 program to give even more support. @ESGfitness
  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 317 - Q&A Motivation mindset & Chocking dumbbells


    Andy and Emma here for a Q&A Our approach to coaching Resistance training Vs cardio - does it matter when? Best exercise for fat loss Motivation Vs Discipline and mindset work around motivation Not overwhelming Catherine haha The problem with comparison @ESGfitness @Andy_ESGfitness
  • ESGfitness podcast

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  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 316 - better isn’t enough.. you have to be different


    Solo episode ft Leanne inviting me for a subway New podcast sponsor! (Commit to 6) Why being better isn’t enough & you have to be different Progress isn’t linear & how to respond to set backs & the mindset for results Enjoy! @ESGfitness
  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 315 - Identity, diet carbon foot print & emotional eating


    Shona & Emma are here for a Q&A: - Are we pathologizing emotional eating? - You can do both! - performance and physique - Identity and freeing yourself from self imposed pressure - The best time to workout - The environmental impact of your diet - would knowing this change anything for you? @ESGfitness
  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 314 Mental health & Life advice


    Mental Health & Life advice This episode covers some important things about mental health and mental illness Plus some life advice that has resonated with me the last few weeks. I hope it is useful! @ESGfitness
  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 313 - Q&A considerations around menopause, medication, hunger & weight gain


    Solo Q&A on the road! Topics: Medication side effects re: hunger & weight gain Reducing protein intake as a Vegan (potential use of supplements) FOOD VOLUME - underrated Sh*tty stories from awful PTs that leave a lasting impact Menopause considerations and exercise @ESGfitness
  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 312 - Hard work


    Hard work is underrated. This episode should (hopefully) get you excited about hard work. If you can get excited and motivated to work hard you'll soon be winning! @ESGfitness Want to chat about coaching or mentoring?
  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 311 - Q&A - why do we emotionally eat?


    Commit to 6 team are here for a Q&A Why do we emotionally eat? Growing vs maintaining muscle The future of ageing & The one question to ask yourself every day We hope you enjoy. For coaching head to @ESGfitness
  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 310 - How to be happier


    Some thoughts on the pursuit of happiness, how we think about happiness and how we can be happier. Enjoy! @ESGfitness
  • ESGfitness podcast

    Ep. 309 - Overwhelm


    A great episode to listen to if you are feeling overwhelmed. @ESGfitness

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