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Recovery Uncovered- Behind the Hype of the Next Boom or Bust?

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Welcome to our exclusive podcast, recorded live at IHRSA 2024, in LA. In this episode, hosts Matthew Januszek, Co-Founder of Escape Fitness is joined by Ian O’Dwyer, Co-Founder of Feel SOMA and Richard Boyd, Director of Global Wellness Designs, to discuss all things recovery and taking a more complete approach to improving lives worldwide in the Wellness, Health & Fitness Industry.

Topics discussed in this episode, include:

●       Structuring the concept of recovery within fitness.

●       Stress, inflammation and fluid flow and recovery.

●       How eustress can actually build resilience.

●       Debating cold therapy and cryotherapy.

●       Importance of movement and mobility.

●       Fascial mobility and how to train fascia in different directions.

●       Integrating recovery into fitness spaces.


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