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LIFTS Episode 23 - Industry Shakeup: Orangetheory Merges with Self Esteem Brands & Bowflex Joins Johnson Health Tech

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After a few weeks of broadcasting inspiring interviews with the movers and shakers at international events, welcome back to our regular L.I.F.T.S, a bite-size dose of the Latest Industry Fitness Trends and stories hitting the headlines and stirring up debate.  

In this week’s episode, hosts Matthew Januszek, Co-Founder of Escape Fitness and Mo Iqbal, Founder & CEO of SweatWorks, are joined by Andrew Kolman, Vice President of Global Product Development, Matrix Fitness at Johnson Health Tech. Conversation focuses on three news-busting stories: the merging of two brand titans - Orangetheory and Self Esteem Brands, the acquisition of Bowflex by Johnson Health Tech and the raising of $1.8 Billion by Equinox. 

In this LIFTS podcast topics include:

●       The potential impact of a merger between Orangetheory and Self Esteem Brands.

●       The challenges and opportunities of merging two hugely successful brands.

●       Leveraging fitness brands for cross-promotion and personalized experiences.

●       The potential that drove Johnson Health Tech ‘s acquisition of Bowflex.

●       Managing the fusion of fitness and entertainment.

●       The impact of Equinox’s $1.8 billion investment on the wider industry.

●       Designing fitness lines to address under-served market segments.

      ●       Fitness industry trends, premium offerings, consumer behavior.


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0:00       Intro

1:32       Merger of Orangetheory and Self Esteem Brands (Anytime Fitness)

2:20       Key role of data and analytics

4:26       Combining two franchise businesses for growth and the importance of a united leadership

7:20       Leveraging fitness brands for cross-promotion and personalized experiences

10:29    Johnson Health Tech’s acquisition of Bowflex

12:43    What made Bowflex such an attractive proposition

19:56    Managing the transition of fitness into the content and entertainment space

25:03    Equinox’s raising of $1.8 billion

28:10    Onyx: Designed to address under-served segments of the market

29:21    Fitness industry trends, premium offerings, consumer behavior.

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