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LIFTS Episode 20 - "LIVE" from Beyond Activ, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (KSA) Where We Take a Deep Dive into the Latest Industry Fitness Trends and Stories Shaping the Future of the Sector

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Welcome to the latest episode of L.I.F.T.S. This episode is part of a series of recordings live from the EMEA’s biggest Health, Fitness, Wellness and Sports Festival, Beyond Activ.

In this episode, hosts Matthew Januszek, Co-Founder of Escape Fitness and Mo Iqbal, Founder & CEO of Sweatworks, are joined by industry heavyweight, Chris Clawson, recently appointed Chief Commercial Officer at EGYM and former Life Fitness CEO, to discuss the status of the fitness industry as well as the opportunities and challenges facing the future of fitness. 

Topics discussed in this LIFTS episode, include:

·        Looking at the fitness industry with a fresh set of eyes.

·        The challenge of inbreeding within the fitness industry.

·        Different market phases; laggards, leaders and drivers.

·        The reasons why Peloton was so successful.

·        From content creation to capturing, captivating and keeping the customer.

·        Fitness Industry growth in the Middle East.

·        AI-powered fitness technology and its impact.


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