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LIFTS Episode 11 - CES 2024 - The Most Powerful Tech Event in the World | Latest Innovations in AI, Fit Tech, & Health

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Welcome to this week’s LIFTS, live from CES 2024, the most powerful tech event in the world, showcasing the latest innovations in AI, connected fitness, healthcare and much more. 

On this week’s episode, hosts Matthew Januszek, Co-Founder of Escape Fitness and Mo Iqbal, Founder & CEO of Sweatworks, take to the show floor to interview some exciting start-ups breaking onto the scene as well as established businesses taking the future of fitness by storm. 

They speak with Connor Holowachuk, Co-Founder of Eigen Fitness, Debra Strougo, fitness industry expert, speaker and advisor, Fritz Desir, CEO of Proxie Health, Gary Simpson, Founder of Myrow and Steffan Weiss, CEO & Founder at Straffr and Julian Barnes, CEO and Co-Founder BFS 

In this episode, the team discuss;

  • Eigen Fitness’ new innovation ‘Node’, an AI powered wearable which quantifies and personalizes strength training.

  • The future of single device wearables.

  • Dialling up the market with passion projects from small, incubator founders.

  • Proxie Health, a new care analytics and coordination platform. 

  • Myrow introducing a 22-inch, Peloton-style display for Concept2 rowers.

  • Smart resistance bands and suspension trainers from Straffr.

  • The role of tech in solving the global public health crisis.

  • Driving profitability in boutique businesses.


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