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Ep 321 - WILD Training Methods | An Unconventional Approach to Fitness | James Griffiths

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On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is James Griffiths, founder of Wild Training, a hugely successful and growing fitness brand.

Having established a franchise business in 2010 that went on to successfully operate 27 franchises under the Wild Fitness brand, James moved his attention to the creation of Wild Training Gym, a unique training facility based in the UK that coaches everyone from beginners to pro athletes. 

Applying the unique Wild Training philosophy James works with his team of coaches to help athletes maximize power, endurance and control across the full range of natural movement. 

The learnings, knowledge and experience used by James to fuel Wild Training come from an insatiable curiosity and drive to absorb and apply as much information as he can from the experiences of other successful coaches, athletes and business leaders. 

Through adapting elements of established training systems including CrossFit, HYROX and even the ancient art of Capoeira plus the integration of specialist training equipment such as Indian Club and aerial silks, James creates bespoke training programs that help people feel better and live their best life.

In this podcast, James talks about:

  • His training for HYROX. 

  • His Kilimanjaro workout and Guinness World Record attempt.

  • The Wild Training philosophy.

  • Launching the Fit2UK Campaign to get more people active.

  • Creating an effective and scalable training philosophy.

  • Learnings from working with strongman, Lawrence Shahlaei.

  • Relationship between physical and mental health.

  • Capoeira, the ultimate longevity training modality.

  • His perfect training environment.

To learn more about James Griffiths, click here.

To find out more about Wild Training Gym, click here.

To learn more about Fit2UK, click here


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