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Ep 320 - The Power of Rebuilding A Life From Rock Bottom | Todd Payette

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On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Todd Payette, champion Bodybuilder, renowned prep coach and praised author of ‘Shoulder Down’, a book detailing his journey seeking the ultimate in physical perfection while battling his inner demons. 

After finding his father’s body shortly after his suicide, a six-year-old Todd battled to find a place in the world from an early age. Channeling a subsequent fear of death to drive his passion for health and fitness, setting out on a quest to be a bigger, faster and stronger version of himself, ultimately building an amour around himself. 

Despite his success as a bodybuilder, Todd took a difficult road through life, facing both physical and mental abuse, homelessness and incarceration along the way. Having learnt some impactful life lessons, he now champions positivity, not letting your past hold you back and never giving up. 

In this episode of the Escape your Limits Podcast, Todd talks about:  

  • How is fear of death drove his passion to reach physical perfection.

  • The impact of finding his father after his suicide at six years old.

  • Learning his own coping mechanisms.

  • How bodybuilding saved his life.

  • Recognizing when bodybuilding can become an unhealthy obsession.

  • Being incarcerated and hitting rock bottom.

  • Rebuilding a life and finding solace in the gym. 

  • Owning your past and choosing positivity and success.

To learn more about Todd Payette, click here


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