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Ep 311 - Re-Thinking Recovery | The Torture Room Theory | Miguel Guajardo

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Get ready to unlock the secrets of peak physical and mental performance. On this week’s episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast, our guest is Miguel Guajardo, aka, the Torture Room Guy.

Having spent many years studying and hands-on experience, Miguel has become an absolute master in massage therapy. Through specialist techniques including the ancient Japanese art of Gua sha and a deep understanding of muscle vibration, energy and blood flow, Miguel uses aggressive massage therapy to not only treat physical conditions such as fascia dysfunction and muscle knots but also as a means of achieving good mental health and enhancing body aesthetics.

Residing at Flex Lewis’ Las Vegas gym, Dragon’s Lair, Miguel has established The Torture Room his own brand massage studio which is gaining global recognition both through his treatment success and his growing social media following.

Prior to training as a massage therapist, launching The Torture Room and becoming a master of healing, performance and wellness, Miguel worked as a prison officer whilst dedicating many hours to his own training as an amateur body builder.

Today, Miguel Guajardo talks about:

· His journey from the bottom of life’s barrel to global recognition as the Torture Room Guy.

· Meeting Flex Lewis and launching the Torture Room.

· Muscle vibration, energy and blood flow.

· Massage techniques and how they work.

· His thoughts on foam rollers and massage guns.

· Gua sha.

· The benefits of stretching.

· The importance of drinking water.

· Improving body aesthetics through massage therapy.

· Quantum healing through frequency vibration.


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