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#17.BONUS. Our Holy Erotic Fluids .

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JASMEEN HANA . In this very inspired and inspirational Bonus episode , we look at how we treat our bodily sacred-sexual waters. The Semen , the Blood, the Saliva and the Sweat can perhaps quench our thirst for Truth , hydrate us from the Cup of Life . As we clean and honour the inner waters we will clean and purify the waters of the World . The most important step in the act of Sovereignty and Self Love is to know how to be your own LOVER. And remember... only practice will bring Mastery- so lets get on with it !

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Huge GRATITUDE to Sarah Lee Beckett (The Naked Songstress) for her enchanting musical tunes !

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    # 25. The Vajra Heart of Men, with SY TZU


    Heart warming conversation about the tenderness of male sexuality . In this episode my beloved friend, colleague and fellow tantrika  Sy Tzu introduce the 3rd wave of his upcoming Cohort for men : VAJRA HEART DAKA TRANSMISSION- a transparent-irridescent diamond feeling way, where heart , love and sex finally merge and birthing passionate lovers and noble gentlemen. Fiercely tender and always as awake as possible . The new current of serpentine and supple masculinity is no longer arising , its here ! This episode is dedicated to the tender, vulnerable and sensitive men that I love so much.Thank you for showing up. I see you, and you are Magnificent. all info :   >>>WATCH ON YOU TUBE HERE 
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    #24. Seen/Unseen with Alejandra Cisneros


    This year i escaped the south african winter and travelled to tropical Bali for 4 months . there i lived in the most exciting home of my life ! A Joglo called Jazmin. This episode is a conversation with Alejandra Cisneros, one of the most extravagant and inspiring  human being i have ever met,  also the architect that envision this jewel of living. We recorded it while sitting in the majestic lounge of this house with no walls . Alejandra's homes are the most exquisite blend of poetry and functionality. This woman is deeply inspired by the poetry of life and the power of the unseen. She design houses where kisses can be exchanged, and the moon can be adore from the comfort of your toilet seat :) the colour of your bedding matches the colour of the rice field, and the kitchen will inspire conversation about the essence of life. The inside and outside merge. As they supposed to. These are abodes where the unseen is revealed through the experience of abitating them ...she designs them in total alignment with balinese spirituality that tell us that the most important things are from the unseen, and  can only be experienced -but never to be talked about.In the same way her homes are to be lived in to fully capture the poetry that makes them alive. With no walls, no doors and no security gate they teach you to let go of your secrets and your sense of separation and finally become and embodiment of your own freedom. >>>WATCH THIS EPISODE ON YOUR TUBE HERE WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE PHOTOS OF THESE INCREDIBLE HOMES. visit Alejandra's website for inspiration and some house porn -lol! Connect with Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment:
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  • EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove 🖤 podcast

    #23. What is Kama Yoga ?


    An intimate conversation with a student of my school ,Leoni Van de Water , about Traditional Tantra and the practice of Kama Yoga 🖤 Leoni is the founder teacher of the Sensual Wisdom School in Amsterdam .
  • EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove 🖤 podcast

    #22 - Ma Ananda Sarita -The Love Experiment


    Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renewed Tantric teacher and she needs no introduction really.  In this interview with me she openly talks a bout her personal life, how she left home at 16 and hitch-hiked to India in the '70 . She gracefully shares from her early experience of Awakening as a child and her first experience of Erotic Awareness. Her intimate relationship with Osho Bhagawan , her first marriage and how she navigated her own Menopause Initiation into the gift of an ever expanding sacred Sexuality. Sarita's beauty is all encompassing ,her essence is deeply rooted in her knowing of herself and that is what makes her so captivating.  To be in her presence is an entrancing experience of radiating centering Peace... She is a living example on how to age with vibrance and riveting Grace. Do listen till the end if you want to hear how she keeps herself happy, healthy and radiantly Alive :)   NOTE FOR LOVERS OF NUMBERS : This is episode #22 and was recorded in Ubud- Bali on 22June 2021 (SoulStice! ) at 20 past 2pm - 2 hours after i left Sarita , i had an accident and crashed my scooter against a wall !!! we were chatting in the interview: the pain of being '50:) WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOU TUBE HERE   Connect with Sarita and her teachings:    Connect with Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment:
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    #21 - The Wise Cycle of Woman - Keriesa Botha


    In this episode I talk to Keriesa Botha on the Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle , its rhythms and its gifts . Keriesa divides the cycle into 3 phases : Premenstrual , Menstrual and Ovulatory, and she beautifully reveals to us the special Gift that each of these cycles has to offer . The Gift of INTUITION, INSPIRATION & IMAGINATION . In her mentorship course she will teach you how to prepare your body to receive these gifts and how to transform them into Embodied Wisdom . Once you will learn this -you will never forget ! These gifts has been accompanying me in my life and preparing me for such a smooth transition into the initiation of Menopause . If you are in the body of a woman , don't miss this opportunity to know Thyself and embrace your Wise Cycle . As Keriesa says  " your cycle is happening anyway , why not join it ?! ".     Connect with Keriesa Botha: [email protected] call her : +27 84 608 1304  The Wise Cycle Course starts on Saturday 26 June, in Cape Town    WATCH this episode on YOUTUBE > Connect with Tantra School of Fascinating Wonderment: 
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    #20. SEMEN RETENTION, a woman's perspective


    This interview was originally recorded as a bonus call for Lenerd's students, on his upcoming online course : 21 DAYS ORGASMIC MASTERY that starts on 15 June. But the conversation is so inspiring that had to be absolutely included in this Podcast series ...definitely much Erotic Wisdom is to be found here ! Lenerd Louw interviews Mrslove on the subject of Semen Retention for men. Injaculation - as she likes to call it - is a fundamental practice for any tantrik male seekers, because it brings back sexual attention towards the subject instead of being exclusively focused onto the object. This is particularly important for men that tend to be stimulated visually by what is in front of them, and are not so well versed about their inner realms while maintaining heightened states of arousal . Of course this is another tantrik practice that uses sexual engagement to then expand into all aspects of your life. Just think about it ....if you don't ejaculate, your sexual encounter with your lover will not have an explicit end ...therefore your love making will become ENDLESS.  And when you stop chasing, you might just join into the Cosmic Endless Orgasm that is already happening . And - if you are lucky , find yourself.  WATCH THE INTERVIEW ON YOU TUBE HERE  more about Lenerd here : Follow the Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB  21 days Oragsmic Mastery Course for men  START 15 JUNE -  FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR 100$  DISCOUNT- VALID TILL 12 MAY!
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    #19 .Wild Wisdom of the tantrik Dakinis.


    In this episode of my Podcast  i featured as being interviewed by my student and tantra teacher Chacko Philip from Tantra Evolution (France).  We speak about the Dakini tradition and the role of divine embodiment. Traditional tantra vs contemporary neo-tantra . The sacredness of profanity . Very rich content . A great yogini transmission. I had great fun dancing in these concepts , i hope you do too by listening :)  /   more about CHACKO PHILIP : more interviewS by Chacko :  if you want to study with me : Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB
  • EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove 🖤 podcast

    #16. Feral Wisdom of Maya Luna.


    Maya Luna . This is a very spontaneous and laid back conversation with Tantric Poet , Teacher & Feminine Mystic, Maya Luna - founder of the Deep Feminine Mystery School . Maya Luna share timeless wisdom , playful intuition and Erotic Devotion with us .   In this episode she speaks of the Tantric current in the time of Corona : this intimidating  opportunity for being ground-less , time-less and truly loving the Unknown. She shares about her (very clever )understanding of toxic masculinity AND femininity with great clarity and devotion . To listen to her is like taking a deep breath of fresh air, and finally drink the mind ! Her calm voice and poised presence are indeed holy portals to  Tantric wordless realisations . I felt humbled , fascinated and inspired  by just being with her. (perhaps you can detect my overexcitement in our conversation! lol!) I am totally seduced by her teachings,  and the transformative poetry that  she is birthing  into our world . Her album "Holy Darkness: A Tantric Opus" is a profound love letter to the Deep Feminine . A passionate lovemaking of traditional tantric teachings and this moment in time, with You as a protagonist .  Her new poetry book  " OMEGA : Feral Secrets of the Deep Feminine " transmission is about to be released keep your eyes out for it , it will transform your understanding of Embodied Erotic Spirituality.  It's a promise ! (ps: forgive the sound glitches ...i am still learning !) Holy Darkness: A Tantric Opus : Maya's website : Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB ;
  • EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove 🖤 podcast

    #18.BONUS.(A HOLY RANT)Fucking with the Devil.


    Another of Mrslove's HOLY RANTS ! In this one she reveals the story (in details!) of her own sexual shadow exploration and then integration . She thought she wanted to be fucked by the Devil ...which then turned out to be nothing less than the  shadow of God himself, embodied into a wild baboon . ..Yes , a baboon ! a wild , free and untamed ape became the catalyser for mrslove's sexual empowerment . Can you imagine that ? no , i know you can't , infact you better listen ...because real life is always better than fiction !
  • EROTIC WISDOM with Mrslove 🖤 podcast



    Rhianne van der Linde is not only the co-director of the online learning portal Shakti Shiva Academy, but is also a dear beloved friend, fellow traveller and organiser of all my retreats in South Africa. She has been an essential catalyser in my journey towards my very own  Erotic Wisdom. And still is! In this episode we gently unpack the mystery and the power of Sexual Shadow Work. What is it, how it manifests in our eroticism, our sexual fantasies and the way we respond to life itself. We also looked at the tremendous freedom that comes when we finally embrace it fully and invite it into our hearts . It turns out that child-like curiosity, shameless authenticity (and a great sense of humour !) are essential components to grow up into fully response-able and fulfilled human beings. Unpacking our secret sexual fantasies could be the most fascinating experience of this life. And the gift ? Finally falling deeply in love with our-self ! It works, I promise you…I’ve been there! SEXUAL SHADOW INTEGRATION- 9 MONTHS ONLINE COURSE- BOOK WITH THE CODE MRSLOVE FOR A 10%DISCOUNT !  FB -  INSTAGRAM -   Huge GRATITUDE to Sarah Lee Beckett (The Naked Songstress) for her enchanting musical tunes !    Mrslove's Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom on FB

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