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Watts Doc #33: Fats vs Carbs Part II - Carnitine and VLamax

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We look deeper into how the body chooses to use carbohydrates and fats, and specifically when and how carbohydrates inhibit fat oxidation. This serves as a jumping off point to take a critical look at VLamax and how it may, or may not, affect your FTP.

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  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Ten Minute Tips #17: Sweetspot vs Polarized Is Kayfabe


    In another wide ranging discussion, we discuss where the sweetspot vs polarized dichotomy may have come from as a stepping off point to consider if you should use such rules decide your training intensity distribution ahead of time.
  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Perspectives #7: How To Design A Workout For A Million People, with Shayne Gaffney


    Zwift training content manager and Never Going Pro podcast host Shayne Gaffney joins the podcast to discuss his role at Zwift, and what it's like building workouts and training plans for large numbers of unique users. We also cover how he got his start, coaching mistakes and lessons, parenting-cycling balance, and the symbolism in the Zwift logo's one sharp corner.
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  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Ten Minute Tips #16: Can Functional Training Get Too Functional?


    This conversation explores functional exercises as a continuum from your standard fare squats to the functional variations you might see on Instagram. We discuss if they're viable alternatives to normal training, good resources for functional exercises, and the weirdest ones we've ever seen.
  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Watts Doc #35: Fatmax Fallacies


    In this episode we look at what fatmax is, where the promise lies, and what validity there is. Do you get better at burning fat by burning more fat? Do you lose more weight by burning more fat? How does e=mc^2 relate to the energy stored in food? This episode answers all these questions and more.
  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Perspectives #6: 2021 Season Review and 2022 Planning, with Ingvar Ómarsson


    This episode was recorded not to be a traditional podcast, it's a call between Kolie and his client Ingvar Ómarsson who is professionally racing mountain bikes. The 2021 season was our first working together, and we go over what went right and what can be done better, and apply those lessons to the plan for next season.
  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Perspectives #5: Coaching the Process, with Cory Lockwood


    Kolie and new Empirical Cycling coach Cory sit down for a discussion on previous coaching relationships, cultivating new ones, training and racing experience, and coaching red flags. They also get into Cory's motocross experience, technical aspects of criterium bike setup, and the difficulties of Zwift racing while living in a car.
  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Ten Minute Tips #15: Periodizing Strength Training for Cycling Performance


    This episode takes a bird's eye view on periodizing strength training in your season including adaptation, hypertrophy, strength, maintenance if needed, and even more specific periodization suggestions for lifting into the season. How and when one might plan these phases, how long they would last, and other tangents such as single leg specific phases, deadlift choice, and a bonus rant on whether or not you should do plyometrics for cycling.
  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    200k: The Best And Worst Workouts


    Podcast listeners voted on our topic to celebrate 200k listens! In this purely editorial episode, we list our top 5 best and worst workouts, discuss what makes them good or bad, and how one might fix them. On the lists are ramp tests, group rides, using FTP as an anchor intensity, all out efforts, and many more.
  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Watts Doc #34: Why Keto Is Not The Diet You're Looking For


    If you've ever thought about using the ketogenic diet for cycling, you may want to listen in. We look at a pair of modern classic studies that compare traditional high carbohydrate diets to periodized low carb and keto. This includes a study with, and a study without a carbohydrate re-adaptation period.​
  • Empirical Cycling Podcast podcast

    Ten Minute Tips #14: Sets and Reps for Strength Training


    Wonder how many reps to do in the gym? How many sets? This episode will help. We discuss typical set and rep ranges, how good they are for strength, hypertrophy, or maintenance, as well as in the context of periodization.

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