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Learn From World-Class EFT Experts and Discover the Trauma Tapping Technique - All in This Episode

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In this episode you discover how to join the 24-Hours of Tapping event where you'll learn tips, tools, techniques, and knowledge from more than 30 world-class EFT Practitioners.

This event is free to register and attend. When you register, you'll receive replays and bonus tapping resources. It's free to register.

You'll also learn how to apply a simplified, easy to apply, and effective tapping method called the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) created by the Peaceful Heart Network.

Resources shared in the episode:

Information and registration website for the 24-Hours of Tapping Event: https://24hoursoftapping.com

Gene Monterastelli's website with links to more than 500 episodes of his "Tapping Q and A" podcast: https://tappingqanda.com.

Note: Check menus at top of the Tapping Q and A website homepage.

The Peaceful Hearts Network website: https://peacefulheart.se.

Link for video showing how to tap finger points: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZMwdAE7_LQ

Website for host Stephen Carter to include "EFT Tapping Junction" and other podcast episodes: https://StressReliefRadio.com

Email to contact host Stephen Carter: [email protected].

Technical information:

Recorded with Twisted Wave. Editing with Twisted Wave, Audacity, Hush (reverb and noise reduction), and Levelator. Final edits and rendering with Hindenburg Pro. Microphone: SE DynaCaster DCM8.

Key words:

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, Thought Field Therapy, TTT, energy psychology, 24 hours of tappathon, Trauma Tapping Technique, TTT, Peaceful Heart Network,

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