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Cultivating Self-Worth As An EFT Practitioner - Why and How

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In this episode you discover why cultivating your self-worth as an EFT practitioner is so important. You also discover exactly how to continuously grow self-worth and enhance your skills and results.


00:00 - Episode Topic;
01:97 - Host information;
02:01 - Who is this show for?;
02:34 - Why growing self-worth is important as a practitioner;
03:20 - Why self-reflection is important;
05:51 - How we create a sense of strong self-worth as a practitioner;
08:27 - Creating a growth journal;
09:26 - 12 starter questions for your growth jounral;
13:23 - How to keep knowledge current;
16:59 - Use EFT to help you feel your growing self-worth;
18:01 - How to receive a written copy of recommendations;
19:16 - How to contact host, follow the show, listen to previous episodes;

Summary of Recommendations and 12 Starting Journaling Questions:

1. “How often do I apply EFT and / or other methods for my own issues?
2. What issues have I let go of and what issues remain unresolved? How will I proceed with any unresolved issues?
3. “As I evaluate my EFT personal and professional sessions, what insights arise about my skills and confidence when working on my personal issues and - if I see clients - with client issues?
4. "What strategies have I found most effective in building and sustaining rapport and trust with my clients?”
5. "What strategies do I use to maintain presence and attentiveness during sessions and how effective are they?"
6. “What feedback have I received from clients that has significantly influenced my practice and how have I implemented that feedback?”
7. “In what areas of my practice do I feel most confident, and in what areas do I feel I need further growth or education?" If further growth or education is needed, what is my way forward?
8. “How has my approach to EFT evolved over time and what have been the key influences on this evolution?"
9. “How do I manage the balance between empathizing with clients and maintaining necessary professional boundaries?"
10. “What are my coping strategies for dealing with the emotional impact of my work, and how effective are they?" Are adjustments needed?
11. “In reflecting on successful outcomes, what common factors contributed to these successes?”
12. “How do I stay updated with the latest research and developments in EFT, and how do I apply this knowledge in my sessions?"

Note: One great way to keep current with EFT and other new research is to join the Energy Healing Network Facebook group. There are currently more than 700 members. Join our Facebook group by going to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/energyhealingnetwork

Here is the summary of recommendations:

Know the importance of acknowledging and continuously growing your sense of self-worth as a person and as a practitioner.

After each session, take two or three minutes and answer 3 questions, those being:

What went well?
What seemed missing?
What did I learn?

At the end of the week go over all of the summaries from that week’s session and identify any patterns that emerge. Briefly write down any insights or action items on a single sheet of paper and file that weekly paper in a folder called something like, “Weekly Insights”.

At the end of the month, revisit the folder and scan through the previous few weeks of insights. What patterns - if any - do you notice. Do your notes suggest any skills or practices you want to build on? If so, list those skills and / or practices and add them to your calendar or other resource as action reminders.

In addition to your monthly case session reviews, I strongly encourage you to create what I call a Growth Journal. I encourage you to journal answers to key questions at least once every two to three months. As you journal, track and act on insights that arise from your journaling. Over time, you’ll find your confidence and your sense of self-worth growing.

Finally, allow yourself to feel the positive energy of self-worth that is growing week after week. By following the recommendations you and I have shared in this episode, you will have strong, solid evidence that you’re growing as a person and as a practitioner.

Use EFT to reinforce your sense of self-worth as a person and practitioner.

Important Note: To receive a WORD Doc with the 12 questions and recommendations, create an email with the subject line reading, "Cultivating Self-Worth As An EFT Practitioner", leave the body of the email blank, and send the email to [email protected]. You'll receive the WORD Doc by return email.


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