E For Evolution: X-Amining Grant Morrison's X-Men podcast

E For Evolution: X-Amining Grant Morrison's X-Men

Perry Constantine, Oscar Owens, Patrick Lagua

In 2001, Marvel's X-Men comics had just gone through ten years of stagnation. In sharp contrast to the monumental changes Chris Claremont routinely introduced to the characters, the X-Men had become a safe comic afraid to take risks. In an attempt to finally shake things up, Marvel tapped Grant Morrison, writer of JLA and The Invisibles, to reinvent the X-Men for a new generation. And for the first time since Claremont's initial run, Morrison introduced sweeping and controversial changes, the reverberations of which are still being felt to this day. Join hosts Perry Constantine, Oscar Owens, and Patrick Lagua as they go back through each issue of Morrison's New X-Men run, discussing the impacts of his work on the characters, the industry, and on themselves personally.

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