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Regaining your balance

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Currently on a global research trip in Hong Kong and Shanghai, combining research and clinical work in Europe at the same time is a stretch, considering the 7 hours time difference. On top being in a place that’s become very foreign and without Madarin Chinese proficiency hardly possible to navigate without a local support. Luckily, I do speak Mandarin Chinese and used to live in a very different, way more international Shanghai. Getting around is therefore possible for me, without getting lost.

This daily challenging bridging of obligations in all directions and feeling it’s never enough. That’s the hardest feeling of all. So what can we do to keep up with the best personal balance?

Reflections over regaining and reshaping balance in body and mind:

Rebalancing nutrition and healthy eating habits, sleep, exercise, family obligations, work, and other social activities. Wow, it’s a lot!

Take one step at a time! Seek help to mediate, if it’s too difficult to cope with all the tasks and people involved. Be humble to what you know and seek help from experts, that’s very important!





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