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Mommy recovery plan

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To all women in the world. Let’s stick together and be open to share your most valuable moments! Sometimes more than other times. The more we connect with other, likeminded women, the stronger we become. We’re not alone in this! The more we try to be the best in everything, optimising our lives, the less quality work and precious family / couples, but also less quality me-time we get. Such a vicious cycle, which we if ever only realise when it gets too bad and overboard. What a pity!! We all know better, yet societal, family pressure, and expectations weigh heavy on our shoulders. We need to break free, in order to understand the dynamics, how destructive we’ve been to our self and as a result dragged along our surroundings.


How do we get out of this cycle?


  • Get aware and face yourself in the mirror. It’s a crazy vulnerable place!
  • Get support that helps you hold yourself accountable to change.
  • Implement small changes in your daily life —> new routines ☀️
  • Get the right nutritious food into your body💛
  • Start with a small daily mommy care routine. 15 min yoga is enough 🧘💛
  • Book a guilt free mommy hide away 🌴






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