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Lost in translation

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LHave you experienced such a situation yourself, where just completely foreign to all around?

Staying in Shanghai for my research after a quick stop over in Hong Kong, which I’ve visited early 2020 and early 2024. Yes, it’s different too, but by no means as much as the city I so love and lived in 10 years ago. The feeling of being all so foreign and seen as a stranger, is quite a unique encounter in today’s globalized world. It’s interesting to face this situation as a white woman. It’s such a rare encounter and I guess a large majority in the west hadn’t encountered it, on any of their global trips. It’s in a way a good thing for the white majority to experience, makes one more humble, but also at the same time more entitled, a strange combination.

How do we cope with the loneliness, such an experience brings?

How to deal with the frustration of being lost in translation?

How to avoid abusing the privileged status and lack of social control?





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