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Lifespan development of a modern woman

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In today’s society, women’s roles have shifted. They’re no longer out of reach when it comes to power. They’re in power over the most relevant subject of all societies. To decide over their fertility, their trajectory in terms of when and if and how many children they envision to have. Birth rates have dropped drastically over the past decades and are continuing on a downward spiral.

It is about time to inquire what factors mainly play into, why women choose to postpone their family planning, have very few children, children by themselves, children at a late stage or decide to be childless.

Governments around the world would like to know the answer to these questions.

In our global research project, analysing women’s fertility planning, we want to find the root of this global trend.

As women we need to put ourselves out there and explore the world, connect and exchange with other women from different social backgrounds. These exchanges provoke reflection and potential change of old norms.

That’s exactly what I’m doing right now; flying to Hong Kong to connect with global women at an event at Upper House on understanding female health.







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