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Global female networking

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Global female networking


Travelling globally for research, takes a creative mind to figure out the options available to make it happen. I love to combine exercising and meeting people, a walk and even just a quick coffee in between meetings, lectures, running errands, and heading to the airport.

Flexibility and creativity are queen.


The more we take care and accommodate to the external situation of time zones, season, weather, and our personal rhythm, the smoother the transitions. Female bodies are complex, the hormones, and cycle being impacted by change of time zones, mixing up the circadian rhythm. Be mindful and balance your daily obligations well.

Personally, yoga and running are a very helpful tool to adjust to Jetlag. Yet, I do notice myself to be more hyper vigilant, potentially the circadian rhythm that’s out of balance, the digestive system, and the hormonal balance in the body.


Note from a frequent global traveler:

I did understand to slow down, planning less meetings, and being more go with the flow, attuned to my body and mind’s needs!!





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