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Fertility anxiety

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Living with the stress of not being able to convince is a huge problem. It affects both partners and can impact the individual, the couple’s relationship, and cause mental and physical problems. The more we focus on individual, as well as couple health care, the more preventative measures can be put in place. Think carefully if you’d like to reach out to a specialist to get support. Whom that could be? A personal or couple’s therapist or both? 

Reach out early to have someone by your side to follow your journey and whom you’ll feel familiar with in some of your likely most vulnerable moments in life.

Acknowledge yours and your parent’s feelings, the IVF life’s a rollercoaster. Nothing is more challenging in life, than an unpredictable, stressful period with no clear ending, no matter how desired one of them is. It’s also random, how hard you even try. The randomness and unpredictability, the mind game that causes you to pay attention to only that one outcome, to hold a healthy baby in your arms. Something you may think so many achieved parenthood effortless and at times even unwanted. That can trigger even more emotions and feelings of why me?



How to cope?

Try to maintain a healthy daily routine of both physical and social activities. Routines rock, especially when so much uncertainty is all around you. 





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