Do You Speak Music podcast

Do You Speak Music

Khallilah Watkins, Meagan Barrett, Ashly Collins

The music lover's podcast, where we explore all types of music, reminiscing on the old jams and putting you onto what's new. We want to know, Do You Speak Music?

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  • Do You Speak Music podcast



    Meagan has a question a couple questions for the music lovers out there.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    KB & Eesh's Chat


    In the season 2 premiere, the ladies welcome you back and Khallilah sits down to chat with her good friend, songwriter and producer of many dope things (including Kari's Song (Long Way Home) from the Netflix movie, Beats) Aesha Dominguez. Tune in as she shares her journey and perspective on being a black woman in the music industry.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

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  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    Black Music Flashback: Muddy Waters


    In honor of Black History Month, we are bringing to you a segment called Black Music Flashback, where we will share stories and facts about Black music that you may not know or maybe you already know and just need a little refresher. This week, we are starting with McKinley Morganfield aka Muddy Waters.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    Ep. 13: What Do We Do...At Christmas Time


    In the last episode of the year, the ladies chat about their must haves on their Christmas playlists and let you know which artists they'd love to hear Christmas albums from.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    Ep. 12: Snubs and Musicals


    This week the girls discuss the AMA's, Grammy nominations and disclose lists of their favorite musicals, guaranteed to make ya go hmm.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    Ep. 11: Ain't We Lucky We Got 'Em


    TV THEME SONGS! We all know them, we all sing them randomly and this week the girls discuss their favorites from the past and present.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    Ep. 10: We're Back!


    After a month long break, the girls ARE BACK to discuss their favorite music videos from their childhood.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    Ep. 9: Do You Remember


    The ladies sit down with Meagan's mom, Yvette, and chat about some of her favorite artists and bands of the 70s and 80s.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    Ep. 8: Happy Belated Bey Day!


    In celebration of Queen Bey's birthday, the girls rank Beyonce's album from best to worst.
  • Do You Speak Music podcast

    Ep. 7: I Think I'm In Love With My Radio


    Joined by special guest Midwest Radio Personality and Voice Actor, Dani D, the ladies reminisce on the Chicago radio stations that accompanied morning rides to school and discuss the state of radio today.

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