Discerning Consciousness' Podcast podcast

Discerning Consciousness' Podcast

Discerning Consciousness

The Voice of reason in a polarised and chaotic world. 

At Discerning Consciousness we're determined to help you thrive whilst navigating life during these extraordinary times. We provide a discerning commentary as a backdrop to the unfolding crisis gripping social, cultural, economic and political systems across the world. 

The discussion includes controversial topics such as conspiracy theories, cultural decay, political correctness and alternative histories. We consider how the 'shadow' aspect of life relates to the theme of personal awakening and achieving true sovereignty. 

Also by using well established spiritual teachings as a tool, we discuss how you can escape the emotional and psychological confines of the control system, whilst deepening and expanding your consciousness. 

We look forward to you joining us on the inside. 

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Testimonials: Hey Ant! I absolutely love your podcast with Mike. The way you and Mike converse with one another is absolutely beautiful and open and with such respect. The world feels a little better hearing your podcast and the information you guys are sharing. Nikki from LA. 

100 avsnitt