Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health

Derek Teel

We discuss questions from the #DIALEDFAM in regards to strength training, nutrition, and all things bike riding(guest appearances on occasion). Each episode also includes an inspiring quote and a business/personal update from Coach Derek.

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  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    93: ✂️ Getting a Vasectomy as a Cyclist, Recovery Time & Training Plan


    Due to popular demand, I'm recapping my full vasectomy experience in this episode of Dialed Health. And guess what? I hold nothing back. If you're guy who is feeling hesitant about the operation and want some insight into the entire experience as a cyclist, this episode is for you. Not only did I give a recap of my actual experience of the operation, but I give you the play-by-by plan of my recovery. Plus, at the end of the episode, I give you my DHVERTCHALLENGE recap.  What we discuss: 10:10 - Derek’s account of the actually the operation experience/ 15:00 - Recovery (Training schedule the following week & a breakdown of how each day felt) 25:00 - Common concerns/questions 31:00 - Rapid Fire 36:00 - Derek’s Thoughts 43:00 - DHVERTCHALLENGE recap Find more from daily on Instagram: @dialedhealth
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    92: 💪🏻 Staying Consistent with Training, Using Endurance Riding for Strength Gains, and How to Know If You’re Over-Training


    In this episode of Dialed Health, I'm joined by Amber, the Project Manger of She actually interviews me on my personal training and goals, and what's been more beneficial for me. I share all the details on how I stay consistent with training while also balancing it with my family and personal life, as well as what has made the biggest impact on my strength gains this year (and also what hasn't helped). Plus, Amber asks me how i know when I'm over-training (something I know many of you do!) and what are some common red flags for when you're on your way to burnout. Most importantly, at the end of this episode, I give you all the details on my vasectomy and how I'm navigating through it! What we discuss: 8:00 - Scheduling your workouts around your life to remain consistent 16:00 - Having the support you need to remain consistent 24:00 - Balancing riding solo with riding with your partner 27:00 - What makes the biggest impact on strength gains 32:00 - What’s been beneficial vs. what hasn’t been for reaching my strength goal 38:30 - Red flags for when you’re over-training and on your way to burn out 46:00 - Using the trainer to build grit 50:00 - Listening to music while training 53:30 - Rapid Fire Questions 1:02:00 - Derek’s Thoughts: Details on my vasectomy Get more Dialed Health from me daily on Instagram: @dialedhealth Get training plans from me and take your riding to the next level:
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

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  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    91: 🏠 Balancing Family, Business, And Bike Racing With Chaz Halbert


    I've been wanting to have this discussion with my good friend Chaz Halbert for a while.  He's one of our fastest local endurance racers and recently started a business the same year his first child was born.  Like many of you know, balancing family, business, and bike racing can feel impossible, so I wanted someone I look up to in each of these areas to give us some insight into how he has been handling it.   It's DHVERTCHALLENGE Week!  Sign up here We're Partnering with Moxiemedia to help produce, edit, and pull content from the podcast! Weekly Thoughts: My ride in Monterey and one of the wildest conversations I've ever overheard in public.
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    90:🍔 Riding Nutrition vs. Normal Nutrition & My Food Philosophy


    There are so many contradictions in the nutrition needed to fuel your riding/workouts and the food you want to eat while you're off the bike.  This episode clearly tells you what those differences are and how to navigate them so you can control your health and performance simultaneously. I also lay give you a good idea on my current "food philosophy." The Weekly Thoughts include my first XC ride on the new Specialized Epic, Family dynamics during vacay, and more!
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    89: 🍾 I DID IT. Everesting On My Trail Bike Down Black Diamond Terrain


    We breakdown my Everest ride on a Stumpjumper Trail Bike.  It was 125 Miles and 29,000+ Feet on a 100% Dirt loop that descended a Black Diamond DH Trail every lap.  I give you insight into my nutrition, logistics, and tactics that made this ride possible.  We move in chronological order of the day and then finish with Rapid Fire Questions that I received from IG.  This was the coolest thing I have ever done on my bike and I hope it inspires you to do something similar! My Trail Bike Everest Strava Ride With Power Numbers  #DHVERTCHALLENGE Powered By Garmin
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    88: 🏈 Everest Week Game Plan


    Coach Derek is 3 Days out from Everesting on his MTB.  This episode takes you behind the scenes of the final week of preparation in a fun and casual format.  Get the details about the ride profile, aid zone, nutrition plan, training taper, and more! The goal of this ride is to create all the content needed to inspire you for the #DHVERTCHALLENGE Powered By Garmin. Announcement: The 30 Day Beginner Bodyweight Program is now LIVE on
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    87:🫀Executing The Leadville 100 With Jimmy Smith


    This episode will take you inside The Leadville 100 from a racer's perspective, including an in depth look at the last 6 weeks of preparation before the event.  Our guest Jimmy Smith finished 20th at this years Leadville 100, only a few months after a 4th place at one of America's most competitive Enduro Races.  He has incredible bike skills in literally every discipline and prioritizing strength training as a Dialed Fam Member.  This episode was informative, inspiring, and a reminder of why enjoying the process is so important. Follow Jimmy on Instagram @its_jimmy *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED #DHVERTCHALLENGE
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    86: 📈 MTB Everesting With Jonathan Lee


    Jonathan and I (Coach Derek) decide on a trail for my #DHVERTCHALLENGE Everest attempt.  There are an insane amount of variables to consider and thanks to Jonathan, we refer to a spreadsheet that includes our top trail picks with all the stats (elevation/distance per lap, FTP reduction due to average trail elevation, technical difficulty, temperature, and other factors like trail traffic, and rider support accessibility). Follow Jonathan on IG Check out for on-the bike pedaling programs and a supportive/educational community. Weekly Thoughts: All things website improvements.  Things are getting more intuitive and user friendly at thanks to new features like the program selection questionnaire, view program feature, and much more.  If you use the website or are curious about what's happening behind the scenes, this will give you a transparent view! Greg Hickman Youtube Dialed Fam member with great business content.
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    85: 🧟 5 Habits Of Fitness Freaks, Everesting Training, & Riding The Epic Evo


    What are the common habits that all fitness freaks who live their lifestyle "effortlessly" contain?  I give you my top 5 along with a deep dive into each and recommendations to overcome barriers that could be stopping you from implementing them.  These are based off of my time spent training in gyms alongside bodybuilders and time spent riding and racing with world tour pros and world champion gravity racers. We also discuss tweaks I've made to my training schedule to prep for the Everesting Ride #DHVERTCHALLENGE Lastly, I breakdown my ride on the Specialized Epic Evo and compare it to my Specialized Stumpjumper.
  • Strength Training For Cyclists - Dialed Health podcast

    84: ⛷ Strength Training & Business With Abe From The Ski Sytem


    We discuss Strength Training for cyclists with Abe Maynard owns TheSkiSystem.  This conversation also sheds light on what we deal with as online coaches to market our product.  Abe is full of wisdom and ensured that you'll leave this podcast inspired. Follow @theskisystem on IG Weekly Thoughts: 3rd Place Pro at Mammoth Bar Enduro.  How I did it with minimal time riding gravity.  Also, what I'm training for next... #DHVERTCHALLENGE  Dialed Health is Strength Training For Cyclists.  Start with the 7 Day Free Trail today!

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