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DG Recruit helps you maximize your career in agency recruitment. Hosted by Dandan Zhu, top-billing headhunter, the DG Recruit Podcast breaks down EVERYTHING you need to know about your career in agency recruitment and how to achieve success in our exciting industry of headhunting. With Dandan's and her guests' interesting, honest, and insightful commentary, learn more about what you can do to start, improve, and grow your career and business. Submit all questions to [email protected] to feature Dandan's answers to help you on the DG Recruit Podcast!

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    DGR 91 Dandan's advice on Jobs, Money, and People


    As I've gotten older (not smarter, just more weathered), I've learned some key lessons about what worked for others and what I saw really got in the way of happiness and success. My goal is always more money and more happiness, not more money more problems, so I've adopted these attitudes towards jobs, money, and people, that have greatly helped keep me on track. Don't sweat the small stuff - manage the key elements in your life, job, and relationships, and you'll be good to go!
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    DGR 90 How to BEST Question Your Candidates


    As a headhunter, WE are the leaders when it comes to knowing how candidates think, act, and behave. When deals drop, it's not the candidate's fault. Candidates, like all humans, are RIGHTFULLY self-serving. Doesn't make them bad people, doesn't make them mean or selfish, just means they're human. KNOWING that, it's YOUR job to understand human nature and how that translates into human behavior, lifestyle, worldviews, and use all of that knowledge to anticipate their next move. Leveraging your depth of analysis, you can then endeavor to either place the person successfully or cut them out of process so as to not waste your time with droppers. Send more questions to [email protected]
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  • DG Recruit Podcast podcast

    DGR 89 Dandan's Life Lessons Part 1


    Recruiting has taught me so much in life - excited to share some of the top lessons I learned from people around me in my 20s that deeply shaped my behavior, thoughts, and approach to life, recruiting, and money. I share 3 personal stories here that really helped or hurt me in my journey to a million bucks by 30. I hope you enjoy these tidbits of my life & please do send us more questions to [email protected] if you have any other questions you'd like to be answered!  
  • DG Recruit Podcast podcast

    DGR 88 How to Bill More


    In recruiting, billing more is completely within one's control. It's not luck, it's not hope, it's strategy & timing. Here are 6 tips that will put more money into your pocket no matter what desk you're on. Let's go!!! Pls send us questions: [email protected]  We want to answer more of your top recruitment questions!
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    DGR 87 Misconceptions about Headhunters and Agency Recruiters


    Not everyone knows headhunters' jobs intimately. More often than not, most people DON'T know enough about how headhunters work, what they do/don't do, and how their business works. Here are some misconceptions about agency recruitment professionals that it's critical to know for your own career, when describing your career to others, and when approaching this career for YOURSELF. Reach [email protected] with any questions and comments!
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    DGR 86 How to Obtain ANY and ALL information from Your Candidates


    Recruiters complain about recruiting ONLY because candidates drop or become problematic and then we may risk our commission because of their flakiness. Fix the candidate process = get the deal done (at least a very high likelihood your actions will result in a positive result). Thus, candidate control *yes I mean that, and candidate management is critical to seeing the BIG money in recruiting. Here are some tips to obtain any critical information from your candidates without fail so as to do what you can to limit your time wasted being lied to.
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    DGR 85 Tips to Become a Millionaire (Early)


    As someone who became a millionaire in less than 7 years, I (Dandan, DG Recruit Podcast Host) didn't have a bunch of stock options from a company that went IPO or game-changing bitcoin investments that propelled me to gain a million+ in net worth. I did this relatively traditionally and by following some strict financial and behavioral mentalities and principals that through very common, accessible means, could be relevant and achieved by really anyone who puts their mind to it. Here are some tips of really anyone can become a millionaire if you just live consistently and make some key life, career, and financial decisions that can drastically change the trajectory of your life.
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    DGR 84 Should You Go Internal or Not


    The overwhelming majority of agency recruiters do not stay in the business past year 1-5. Whether for the right reasons or not, educated and informed decision versus an ignorant one, most recruiters never have the advice and insight into this career that DG Recruit provides brashly and transparently about this monumental life & career decision that rarely is reversible. As they say, once you leave agency, you never come back and that's true 99% of the time. This episode is a harsh one but it's brutally honest about the considerations you HAVE to evaluate if you're genuinely thinking of going internal.
  • DG Recruit Podcast podcast

    DGR 83 How to Bill a Mil


    There are plenty of folks out there who bill a mil or can bill a mil if they want to.  As too many recruitment leaders say, recruitment isn't rocket science - this is highly achievable. However, the conditions have to be right for the individual to achieve such a thing. Tune into this episode to get a general idea of how others are achieving high levels of billing to support your career path and direction! Email: [email protected] for coaching, questions, and feedback!
  • DG Recruit Podcast podcast

    DGR 82 7 Types of Recruitment Businesses


    There are a variety of recruitment setups that we've learned from our clients, our own experiences, and the experiences of candidates. Having been in the unique market of recruiting recruitment professionals at all levels from junior to sales leaders to divisional heads, the market breaks down in 7 ways. By no means is this an all-encompassing breakdown, but it is a good start to really understand why the US recruitment scene is what it is and where you can go from here. As always, send your questions to [email protected] and if you need personalized coaching, we're happy to work with you.

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