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[BONUS] MOBITUARIES - Chang and Eng: A Messy American Dream

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GBH’s Antiques Roadshow made a surprising discovery in Charleston, SC in 2000 – a circa 1850 two-seated chair made for famous conjoined twins Cheng and Eng Bunker. DETOURS host Adam Monahan long believed there must be a second chair lost to history, but a serendipitous phone conversation with humorist Mo Rocca not only solved the mystery of the missing chair, but also revealed Mo’s own historical look at the famous twins captured in an episode of his podcast Mobituaries. 

Here for DETOURS listeners is Mobituaries episode “Cheng and Eng: A Messy American Dream “ where Mo travels to Mount Airy, North Carolina - the inspiration for Andy Griffith's Mayberry and the real life home of conjoined Siamese twins, Chang and Eng - to join their many descendants for their annual family reunion.

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