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#22 (Part 1) The bad side of being an Instagram English Teacher (with Fernanda)

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Today, I’m joined by Fernanda to talk about a recent (yucky) experience she had while running her Instagram page.

Fernanda (on instagram as @fernanda_englishteacher_br ) is an English teacher with 12 years experience. She specialises in helping people - mainly other English teachers - pass high-level Cambridge exams so that they feel more empowered and confident in their abilities. Despite holding a Celta Pass A, she doesn’t hide her dislike of many traditional ways of teaching, especially the use of coursebooks, and tends to follow a more holistic approach to teaching, also known as Dogme.

On her Instagram page, she shares useful language for using in exams, as well as techniques and tips to help you get the best result possible. She works with students in 1-1 classes and also runs workshops and you can contact her about that by sending her a DM on Instagram.


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