Deep Talk: Advanced English Discussions with Rhiannon ELT podcast

#18 Why should we prioritise fun?

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Join our Deep Talkers community on Facebook. Discuss the episodes, meet new people, share what you’re reading about at the moment, all in a yummy community of like-minded souls. Head to: to sign up! +++ Today, I’m joined by Marisa and we’re talking about fun - and why it’s super important to our lives and should be prioritised. Marisa chose this TED talk as the basis for our discussion: Why Having Fun Is the Secret to a Healthier Life | Catherine Price | TED +++ Marisa is an English coach. You can find her on her Instagram page where she helps her followers notice language in context in a meaningful and interesting way. Her handle is @entender_pra_aprender +++ Get in Touch: Join my mailing list here: Follow me on Instagram: @rhiannonelt Email me: [email protected]

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