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  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #045 Lee @ OwlGuardCo - Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    We are excited to have Lee with OwlGuardCo join us for Episode 45 of The Crypto Mining Tools Podcast. Lee is a figurehead in the mining community who has seen a large amount of success over the last few years. In today’s episode, Lee will discuss how he got into cryptocurrency mining, blockchain technology, investing in crypto, and more. Welcome to the DLI team Lee! Anything mentioned in today’s podcast is not financial advice. Do your own research. Shownotes:
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #044 Scot Johnson of Digital Shovel - Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    Episode 44 of The Crypto Mining Tools Podcast features Scot Johnson, founder and lead developer at Digital Shovel. Scot talks about his history with cryptocurrency mining, how COVID affected the industry, and all of the exciting new things Digital Shovel has going on in 2021. Digital Shovel provides continued innovation and competitive pricing through revolutionary crypto-mining containers. Email Scot with questions and inquiries:
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

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  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #043 Distributed Ledger Inc - Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    The Crypto Mining Tools Podcast is back after a short hiatus. With its return, we are joined by some of the team at Distributed Ledger Inc (DLI). DLI is a blockchain integrator and service provider for enterprise businesses. They offer everything from Distributed Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service, Blockchain Platform as a Service, and mining as a Service. Learn more about DLI and the DLI x Crypto Mining Tools acquisition. Show notes:
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #042 Edward Evenson – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    #042 Edward Evenson – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast by Scott Offord
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #041 Adam Blumberg – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    Crypto Mining Tools presents Adam Blumberg on this podcast episode. Adam is a Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner in Texas. In 2019 he started speaking at Crypto conferences, and in September of that year started Interaxis, along with his partner, Ron Dixon. Interaxis has grown from a YouTube channel to a platform that provides Crypto, Blockchain, and Decentralized Finance education for Financial Advisors and Investors.
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #040 Ethan Vera – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    On this week’s podcast, we present Ethan Vera, Co-Founder and CFO of Luxor, North America’s largest mining pool serving Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash, Sia and other crypto communities. Luxor is working on building a more transparent mining value chain and financial instruments for miners. Before founding Luxor, Ethan was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. Ethan advised MNCs on cross-border Asia M&A (buy-side, sell-side, take private, private placement and activism defense) transactions across the semiconductor, renewable energy, and internet industries. Prior to Goldman, Ethan worked in Asset Management at Royal Bank of Canada, helping manage pensions for some of Canada’s largest institutions.
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #039 John Belizaire – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    Today's podcast episode features John Belizaire, CEO of Soluna, the world’s first utility-scale blockchain infrastructure company developing power plants and combining them with high-performance computing facilities, currently developing its Harmattan Project in Morocco. As a serial entrepreneur, John has successfully founded and scaled multiple industry-leading technology startups that have achieved market leadership and double-digit growth, including FirstBest, an insurance software company acquired by Guidewire, and The Theory Center, a software company acquired by BEA Systems. Before becoming an entrepreneur, John was the lead architect for Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group.
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #038 Jim Andersen – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    Crypto Mining Tools presents Jim Andersen on today's podcast episode. His blockchain and crypto mining experience started 4 years ago as a living room hobby, moving to the garage, and then on to be the owner of a successful mining farm, mining pool operator, and consulting services company. Jim now works full time as the Vice President of Operations for a Blockchain Infrastructure as a Service (BIaaS) company called Distributed Ledger, Inc. DLI provides networking, communications, and hardware infrastructure for all manner of blockchain projects and crypto focused initiatives as well as managing a large colocation mining facility. He holds industry certifications in networking and computing security related disciplines as well as a degree in intelligence operations and is a Certified Bitcoin Professional. Fun Fact: He once worked as a computing security specialist for Boeing on the Airborne Laser Program (modified Boeing 747-400F platform with a big laser on the nose) and now vows to one day travel into space.
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #037 Henry Quan – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    We are pleased to present Henry Quan on our podcast once again. He is the CEO of ePIC Blockchain, a North American based Crypto-mining ASIC design and rig supplier. Henry brings 30 years of high tech and semiconductor experience to the blockchain community. He was an executive at ATI Technologies for 18 years and helped grow the company to over $2 billion in sales annually and become the #1 GPU manufacturer. ATI was acquired by AMD for $5B in 2006. Henry held various executive roles from product marketing to strategic planning to Corporate Development. Henry will be discussing his new developments working with ePIC Blockchain to bring miners what they want!
  • Crypto Mining Tools Podcast podcast

    #036 Dan Conover – Crypto Mining Tools Podcast


    Today we present Dan Conover of Tessarack LLC who has built and designed large scale regular data centers, moved into the crypto-mining space in 2012, and built commercial scale farms in 2013. He has learned all of the tricks by engineering failures and redesigns and consulting multiple large scale projects to see failure in the container data center space, both in design and corporate structure issues. Through seeing these concerns, Dan formed Tessarack LLC.

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