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Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger?

Clare Lynch

Clare Lynch interviews her fellow writers about their lives and work. Whether you're a copywriter, blogger, novelist, poet or professor, "Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger?" is designed to give you the shot of inspiration you need to finish that novel, submit that thesis or launch that freelance career.

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  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E20: How to capture the right tone of voice for your brand


    Tune in to hear Nick discuss:Why nailing tone of voice is so trickyExamples of companies who’ve got a great tone of voiceStorytelling for business – how to do it wellThe key features of a great storyHow to explain things clearly
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E19: Halloween special - how to make it as a horror writer


    Tune in to hear CC discuss:- The attractions of horror as a genre- What scares him- London as a character in his work- His creative process – and why he always starts with an elevator pitch- Why you need to get feedback on your work- How to deal with negative criticism- The importance of networking and self-promotion as a horror writer
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

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  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E18: How to write a novel in a month

    For this episode of Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger?, Clare Lynch talks to Sophie Green and Charlie Yarwood, local organisers for the London NaNoWriMo region.
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E17: How to write for video


    Tune in to hear Kathryn discuss:The need to know your audience – and have a purpose when you talk to themThe one word you should always use to engage your audienceHow to develop a conversational styleWhy the ‘rule of three’ works well when presentingHow to bring things to life with stories and picturesHow to hook your audience in with a strong openingHow to adapt written text for videoEngaging with your topic and with your audienceTailoring your approach to different platforms.
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E16: Creative ways to win copywriting clients


    Tune in to hear Robbie talk about:Conversion copy – what it is and how to write itWhy copywriting is like method actingHow to research your target reader to craft copy that makes them buyThe realities of living the remote working dreamThe secret to being attractive to clients when you’re working remotelyThe remote working sites to avoid – and one to useThe mindset you need to succeed as a remote workerCreative ways to win your dream clientsThree real-life listener case studies with clever strategies for winning work
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E15: A BBC presenter on how to tell a good business story


    Tune in to hear Jamie discuss:How to structure a story with rule of 3The Aunt Marjorie test for explaining ideas clearlyHow to use numbers to support your storyWhat makes a good storyHow to find a good angle on your storyHow examples can bring a story aliveWhat it’s really like working in a newsroomHow to break into broadcast journalismWhy you don’t need to be able to write well to be a journalistThe power of the full stop
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E14: The mathematician who teaches writing


    Tune into to hear Vin discuss:The benefits of writing to a tight word countWhy it’s important to create a sense of ease in your readerHow to use storytelling techniques to hook your audience inThe importance of writing with your audience in mindHow to know if a piece of writing has succeededThe benefits of taking risks as a writerWhy good writers aren’t afraid of ‘dumbing down’How to revise a piece when your first draft is terribleHow to use storyboarding to create an effective presentationHow to give helpful feedback on someone else’s writing
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E13: How to argue effectively

    Tune in to hear about:- The role of writing skills in debating- How debating skills can be applied in the workplace- How to structure an argument – the three essential elements- How to research an argument- Why you don’t need to be an expert in a topic to win an argument- The benefits of defending a position you don’t hold
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E12: The links between writing and music


    Writing as part of a portfolio freelance careerHow to gather interesting material by interviewing peopleThe discipline required to perform well in both writing and musicWhy you should always read your work aloudWhy you need to expose yourself to different ‘voices’ – in writing and musicThe advantages of coming to music and writing late in lifeHow to cope with performance anxiety – as a writer and musicianThe benefits of ‘free’ writing and writing every day
  • Coffee, Tea or Something Stronger? podcast

    Podcast E11: How to write like a thought leader


    - What good thought leadership looks like (and what it doesn’t)- The four essential ingredients for any thought leadership piece- Two key skills – in addition to writing – you need to produce compelling thought leadership- How to measure the effectiveness of a piece of thought leadership- How to balance original thought leadership with the brand voice- Why you need to appeal to readers at an emotional level – even in professional services

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