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27 | Has Coffee Gear Reached Its Limit? Do We Need Another Brewer?

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Do we need more coffee gear? What about more pour over brewers? Over the last several years, we've noticed a huge increase in coffee equipment hitting the market. From innovative espresso machines to home coffee grinders to pour over brewers of every shape and size, but is it all necessary? In this Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions episode, we break this coffee gear conversation down and share our personal experiences with some of this gear.

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  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    41 | Intro To The Coffee Roasting Business ( FAQ )


    Over the last two years, we've received many emails from folks around the world asking about starting a coffee roasting company. Most of the time, they are questions that deal with the same general uncertainties and unknowns. That being said, we decided to revisit some of these topics and hope to help those searching for answers about roasting coffee. In this episode, we unpack several different questions we received in an email recently.
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    40 | Taking The First Steps Towards Your Goals


    Taking the first steps towards your goals can be just as exciting as it is intimidating. Whether that's what others will think of you, your personal insecurities, or the long road ahead to get to where you want to be, there are barriers that need to be overcome.   In this episode of the Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast, we talk about some of the difficulties of taking those first steps can be, some of our personal setbacks, and what we can do to face them.
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

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  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    39 | Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Coffee Enthusiasts In 2021


    It's that time of year when we're doing our holiday gift shopping. Many of us will be searching for those couple people in our lives who would die without coffee. We thought it might be helpful to break down the best Christmas gift ideas for coffee enthusiasts from a coffee fanatic's perspective. Any of these gifts will surely make the coffee lover in your life overjoyed and potentially brewing you a tasty cup as a sign of gratitude.
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    38 | Why You Should Be Cupping & Tasting Coffee Blindly


    Is that really blueberries you're tasting or did the coffee bag trick you into tasting that? Often times, flavor notes, branding, origin, and our preconceived ideas get in the way of tasting coffee objectively for what it has to offer. Chances are, that's not only happening more often than we'd like, but we're also not developing our pallet when that's the case. It actually ends up hurting our growth as tasters when we allow those things to get in the way. In this episode, we talk about what we've learned over the years cupping coffee, and how we attempt to eliminate bias as coffee roasters when we go about tasting coffees.
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    37 | Coffee Hand Grinders: Timemore C2, Comandante and Why You Need One


    Coffee hand grinders have grown not only in popularity, but also in quality and accessibility. Grinders like the Commandante C40 have changed how we look at these tools and what they're capable of. Although they can be inconvenient at times, there are definitely a couple reasons why we think you need one. In this episode, we break down our experience with coffee hand grinders, the Commandante C40, and why they're good to have. Based in Bellingham, WA and shipping! Shop Our Coffee: Find us on Instagram:
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    36 | Coffee Sustainability From An Origin Perspective


    Coffee sustainability at origin has been a huge conversation amongst the specialty coffee community. It's really refreshing to see the industry have these conversations. On the other hand, from our conversations with producers, farmers, importers, and scientists, it's a much bigger issue to take on. One thing is for sure, we have still have a lot to learn. In this episode, we reflect back on some of the powerful conversations we've had with those working closely at origin, and we share the insight we have received with you.
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    35 | From Family Coffee Farm To Green Coffee Importer - Edwin Martinez of Onyx Coffee


    Our first in-person podcast guest is Edwin Martinez, the CEO of Onyx Coffee and third generation Guatemalan coffee producer at Finca Vista Hermosa. They import spectacular Guatemalan coffees for roasters to add to their menu. Edwin has an inspiring story that starts in Guatemala at origin and navigates through starting a coffee shop, owning a coffee roasting business, and now importing coffee. On this episode of the Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions, we dive into his story and touch up on running a business, importing coffee, sustainability, and more.
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    34 | Q&A: V60, Pour Over Recipe, Coffee Grinders & Small Business Life


    We're doing our first Q&A on the Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast! On our Instagram this week, we asked folks to submit your questions, and we were pretty excited to see what we got. We got questions anywhere from V60 questions to pour over recipes, coffee grinders, and small business life.
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    33 | Coffee Roasting - Three Things We Learned From Experience In 2021


    Coffee roasting is an art, craft, skill, and mystery. Well to a certain extent it's a mystery. We've listened to countless podcasts, read books, attended roasting classes, and many great resources of information will not agree on a handful of roasting approaches. Although we've learned a lot from many educators, some things you won't quite fully grasp until you charge a batch of green coffee into the roaster. In episode 33, we break down three things we learned from experience as coffee roasters with hopes that it encourages, inspires, and educates coffee roasters around the world.
  • Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions podcast

    32 | Chance The Rapper, Drip Coffee, and Scott Rao Spray Head


    Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with us as we talk about whatever comes to mind. Of course coffee had to be part of the discussion. We touch base on drip coffee, how it has grown over the last several years, and how Scott Rao’s UFO Spray Head helps brewing drip coffee on commercial machines.

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