Catching the Long Island Serial Killer podcast

Catching the Long Island Serial Killer

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"Catching the Long Island Serial Killer" is a gripping and emotionally charged podcast that pulls back the curtain on one of the most infamous unresolved serial murder cases in American history. Journey with us as we unravel the chilling narrative of the Gilgo Beach Killings, walking the eerie pathways where the bodies of numerous victims were discovered. We dive deep into the elusive identity of the suspected killer, Rex Heuermann, revealing his disturbing double life as a respected architect and a monster lurking in the shadows. Our heartfelt interviews with victims' families, including the brave sister of Melissa Barthelemy, expose a twisted web of torment, grief, and loss, shedding light on the emotional scars left behind. This podcast is not just about exploring the chilling mystery of the Long Island Serial Killer, but a tribute to the resilience of those who've been affected and their quest for justice. Tune in to "Catching the Long Island Serial Killer" and discover the grim secrets that Long Island has kept hidden for too long.

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